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Kroger’s Self-Driving Delivery Cars Set To Change Grocery Shopping As We Know It

Ready or not, here they come. Kroger Co., the largest grocery chain in the U.S. is launching test pilots of their self-driving grocery delivery in Arizona. The unmanned cars can deliver groceries right to your doorstep with same-day delivery. Cincinnati-based Kroger has been investing in digital capabilities since Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods first shifted the grocery delivery landscape.

A Prius Could Be The Milk Man Of The Future

For only $5.95, you can order groceries before you leave the office and have a self-driving car bring them to your home within a couple of hours.

Bay Area-based, Nuro was chosen as Kroger’s partner for their specialization in autonomous driving and robotics. Nuro was founded by two former Google employees. For the launch of the pilot, Nuro will be using the Toyota Prius self-driving fleet introducing its R1 driverless technology.

The test will be the first deployment of Nuro’s software. At the start of the launch, the vehicle will have a driver inside.  The tests will take place at Fry’s Food in Scottsdale, Arizona.

How It Works

Using Kroger’s ClickList system, customers will be able to place orders through an app or online. Depending on preference and time-slot availability, groceries can be delivered same-day or next-day by Nuro’s unmanned vehicles. When your groceries arrive, you receive a text to meet the vehicle outside. You enter your unique code and take your goods.  The cars can fit up to twelve bags of groceries. The service has a flat fee of $5.95, and there’s no minimum order.


Kroger’s service aims to help cut down on delivery times and the costs associated with bringing groceries directly to customers’ homes.

What It Means For The Future

Kroger’s Chief Digital Officer Yael Cosset said in a statement, “Kroger wants to bring more customers the convenience of affordable grocery delivery, and our pilot with Nuro will help us test and learn to understand customer acceptance of autonomous vehicles in our seamless offering.”


This groundbreaking technology can be used to reach customers in 35 states with Kroger’s 2,800 locations. Watch out, world, the future of convenience has arrived.

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