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Kylie Jenner Was Named The Youngest ‘Self-Made’ Billionaire And The Internet Could Not Stay Mum

With her booming cosmetic business, Kylie Jenner now has the biggest net worth out of all of her famous sisters, even Kim Kardashian West. The successful beauty maven is officially the youngest billionaire on the planet! However, it’s another part of her new title that has people completely up in arms.

Getting To The Money

Kylie has had so many online sales with her Kylie Cosmetics. In 2018, her business was valued at $900 million. A new, exclusive distribution deal with Ulta Beauty has taken Kylie’s net worth over the edge, earning her the title of the youngest billionaire in history. The title last belonged to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The 21-year-old was named the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes. Though supporters of Kylie were quick to congratulate her. However, others were thrown off by the phrase “self-made.”

Mixed Reactions

Superfans of the entrepreneur congratulated Kylie on her deal and new status online. “Congratulations Kylie Kristen !!! You deserve it ALL!!!” one Twitter user said. Another echoed the sentiment with “Go Kylie, go Kylie, get mon-ayyyyy!”

However, others were unsure that the title should include “self-made.” After all, Kylie is the daughter of former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner and the ultimate momager and businesswoman, Kris Jenner. People feel as though Kylie already inherited money and fame from her parents and sisters. “Stop calling Kylie Jenner a self-made billionaire. Nothing about her is ‘self-made,'” one person argued. Another said, “Calling Kylie Jenner a self-made billionaire is problematic, to say the least, particularly because Kris Jenner made all that money.”

On The Defense

Kylie has argued otherwise, stating that her fame did indeed give her a huge platform but none of her money was inherited. “I had such a huge platform, I had so many followers already and I had so many people watching me,” she shared in an interview. “But my parents told me I needed to make my own money at age 15 — that it was time to learn how to save and spend my own money. What I’m trying to say is, I did have a platform but none of my money is inherited.”

Regardless if people agree that Kylie is “self-made,” no one can deny her success.“I didn’t expect anything. I did not foresee the future,” Kylie admitted. “But [the recognition] feels really good. That’s a nice pat on the back.”

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