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Labrador Becomes A Dad To Lost Ducklings

An English Labrador was used to seeing different guests in his home. He was gentle and polite with anyone, human or otherwise, that has come his way. However, when this old canine met nine wandering ducklings, his paternal instincts soon went into overdrive.

Resident Dog

Fred, a 10-year-old Labrador, is the resident dog at Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, Essex, a renovated castle turned tourist attraction. He comes in contact with all kinds of people and even rescued animals on a pretty regular basis.

Jeremy Goldsmith/Mountfitchet Castle

Fred literally grew up in the castle with owner Jeremy Goldsmith and his wife, Jo. The couple has rescued plenty of animals over the years, including a squirrel. Fred always remained kind to the animal guests until they went their own way. Soon, though, some tiny guests would completely take over his domain…and his heart.

Surprising Guests

Recently, nine yellow ducklings were discovered by the castle staff wandering around on the grounds. Their mother was nowhere in sight. Staff suspected that the poor mom was eaten by a fox, leaving the little ducklings to fend for themselves.

Jeremy Goldsmith/Mountfitchet Castle

However, with no mother to lead the way, these ducklings wouldn’t survive on their own for much longer. The staff was worried, but Fred stepped right on in to help these tiny guests!

A Natural Dad

From the moment the ducklings and Fred met, there was an instant bond. The ducklings seem to have imprinted on Fred, making him an instant foster dad. They follow him everywhere, and Fred doesn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, he actually takes pretty great care of them!

Jeremy Goldsmith/Mountfitchet Castle

Throughout the day, Fred and the ducklings wander around the castle grounds, going swimming and having other fun adventures. At the end of every day, the new family sleeps together in the same basket. Fred will probably take care of the ducklings for another two months before they grow bigger and are able to fly off on their own. Until then, Fred will continue to take care of these babies like they’re his own!

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