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How LaCroix Sparkling Water Went From Humble Midwestern Beginnings To Huge Internet Era Hit

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LaCroix sparkling water has become a must-have for anyone who is looking for something to drink that is more interesting than water, healthier than sodas, and lighter than juice drinks. Packaged in unmistakably photogenically bright cans with bold and sweeping calligraphy the beverage’s brand recognition is unequaled. Now it’s found in the refrigerators and social media feeds of housewives, urban professionals, fitness buffs, millennials, Hollywood writers that placed it into some of their scripts, and more. Sales of the beverage are strong, rising from 646 million to 827 million in a single year. It seems like everyone loves LaCroix.

Midwestern Housewives Loved LaCroix First

Since its low-key launch in the midwest, the drink has always appealed to those who were health conscious. Initially, the 1980’s Wisconsin-born drink it was marketed to women, especially housewives and other females looking to watch their weight. (At the time, the makers believed that men interested in fitness would opt for energy drinks.) Midwestern women bought the beverage steadily, consistently keeping it in their refrigerators and pantry shelves. Eventually, distribution grew and more people started to catch on to how great the refreshing beverage was.

A Fan Obsession

LaCroix’s humble beginnings evolved to huge sales numbers. But even these don’t begin to do justice to the level of fan obsession that people have for the beverage. There are needlepoint representations of the iconic cans, women’s t-shirts that say “LaCroixs over Boys”, crafted cocktails, rumors of the beverage being used to refresh old wine, and even a rap song called “Sippin on LaCroix”.

People’s love for this beverage is over the top and probably won’t subside any time soon.

What’s Different About LaCroix?

The sparkling water stands apart from it is available either plain or delicately flavored from juices of real fruit including mango, pamplemousse (that’s French for grapefruit), coconut, cranberry/raspberry and more. Each can is calorie free and won’t undermine the efforts of anyone who is trying to eat healthily. The carbonated bubbles are refreshing and since the drink isn’t overly sugared, and won’t overpower other food that it is paired with.


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Health Conscious Consumers Drive Sales Over The Top

The LaCroix obsession really kicked into full gear once people started to get a better understanding of nutrition and realized that the beverage was not only delicious, it fit into a truly healthy lifestyle. The public was starting to understand how much caffeine and sugary sodas could undermine a healthy lifestyle and how addicting the beverages could be. People also realized that even chemical-laden diet sodas and sugar-laden fruit juice weren’t that much better. By contrast, LaCroix was pure, healthy, and never boring, and a great substitute for drinks that people now realized weren’t doing any favors to their bodies.


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LaCroix is considered so healthy that even healthy eating plans, such as the Paleo and Whole 30 diets, include the cans on their approved foods lists. As users include these foods in their diets, they also include them on their Instagram, Facebook and other social media feeds. Pictures and comments of users enjoying their LaCroix as a treat while trying to get fit have only added to the brand’s allure.

Skyrocketing Demand For LaCroix

As LaCroix cans began to appear everywhere, flavor variations also grew. The brand’s current owner, National Beverage Corporation, needs to run 12 plants to keep up with the demand for the sparkling water. There were only four varieties of LaCroix in 2004 and more than 20 as of 2016. National Beverage Company plans to continue to create more flavors that customers want, similarly to how they created multiple flavors of their other, beverage product, Shasta sodas. They’re seeing that the same philosophy that kept their sugar-laden product interesting to consumers, works for sparkling water too. With all of these elements in its favor, it seems like the demand for LaCroix won’t stop anytime soon.


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