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Cop Goes Above the Call of Duty to Help Seriously Ill Homeless Woman

Police Officer Martha Ruth Lohnes recently shared a post on Facebook that had gone viral, earning almost 25,000 likes and over 10,000 shares – a picture of her interacting with a mentally ill woman, named Priscilla, whose foot had been literally rotting away because of severe infection.

“This is Priscilla and she is a well known member of our community. She chooses to sit in an old rotting chair under a bridge every day. Her legs are swollen three times their normal size. She’s mentally ill,” wrote Lohnes on her Facebook.  “I check on her regularly because she has an infection on her foot. The flesh is rotting away, it seeps liquid, and the bugs are constantly inside of it. She refuses to go to the hospital although I have called an ambulance for her several times,” she continued.

Since the officer was not able to convince Priscilla to go to the doctors, Lohnes decided to do something about the infection herself.

“The other day I brought her bactine spray to hopefully help heal her foot and keep the bugs away. She was almost crying because she was so scared it would sting, so I had to spray it for her,” narrated Lohnes.

It was during this moment when the police officer thought about Jesus and how very little recognition the police receive about the real work they are doing for others.

“But as I was kneeling there cleaning her foot…I couldn’t help but think of the song “who will be Jesus to her”. Sometimes it feels as if the whole world is against my blue family. We are hated and wished to be dead,” Lohnes wrote. “Yet, out of the public’s eye….we get on our knees in the dirt to show love by washing the feet of those others would reject,” she added.

While Lohnes was initially hesitant to share her story, it was a blessing she did considering that through her Facebook post, Pricilla had been receiving more help and she was finally reunited with her family.

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