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The Latest on Brangelina’s Divorce Settlement

While the news of their split hit the world like a hurricane, no one could have foreseen how ugly the divorce proceedings between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would become over the months. Brangelina were previously seen as a couple that set relationship goals all over the world by being on top of their game and still managing to raise six kids, some of whom are adopted.


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The Brangelina split hit the waves with a bang, exposing every little secret of their life including parenting woes between Pitt and son Maddox, his mid-life crisis and alleged affair with a co-star and also drug allegations. Everyone agrees that this has been a big surprise because the couple has over the last eleven years lived a very private life and even managed to keep their wedding and adoption of two kids a secret. Pitt and his lawyers are fighting to seal records regarding the proceedings,and it seems like Jolie has given her blessings.


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The last few months have been extremely tough on the Troy star, 52 who was not only blind sighted with divorce news on September 19 but has also undergone through serious investigations by the Department of Child and Family Services regarding child abuse and also drug related issues. Fortunately, he has been cleared of all allegations that would have kept him away from his children permanently though he is still not allowed to see them without supervision.


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While most divorcing couples tear each other apart over property and joint estates, this will not be an issue for Brangelina because they had a very clear prenup outlining the division of their many houses and properties. Angelina also made no claim for child support but she made it very clear that the children shall remain with her solely while her ex only gets visitation rights.

However, Pitt is not giving up their six children without a fight despite all the odds being against him; he volunteered for regular drug tests, made peace with his son Maddox and filed for joint custody of the kids. Though people close to him claim he does not want to play dirty with the mother of his children, only time will tell the lengths these two will go to protect their beloved kids.


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Rumors have it that there are tapes that would mess with Angelina’s confident stand to have sole custody but it’s yet to be confirmed if the tapes will be released or not. This has been a real ugly war that has seen everyone around the couple take sides.

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