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Leopard Stuck In A Tree Leans Down To Kiss His Aggressor

On the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, a leopard was looking for a meal. He cautiously approached a herd of African Buffalo hoping a calf was available for his breakfast that morning. Things took a bad turn for the leopard and he ended up in a dangerous spot.

A Bad Move

The inexperienced leopard made a move toward the herd and was spotted by a few of the males who keep watch. Instantly, they took off toward the crouching predator. Sensing the immediate danger he was in, the leopard sprinted toward the only high ground in the grasslands for as far as the eye could see.


He leaped on top of a fallen knob-thorn tree, just out of the reach of the buffalo horns trying to slice him to ribbons.

Natural Enemies

Leopards don’t normally approach herds of buffalo because they are aggressive and the risk isn’t worth it. On this particular morning, inexperience coupled with determination sent the young leopard straight into danger. There were hundreds of African buffalo in the herd, and the chances of a leopard picking off a protected calf were slim to none.

Strange Farmer

African buffalo are aggressive with predators and they’re not shy about using their razor-sharp horns to gore their enemies. That leopard was one lucky cat.

An Unexpected Kiss

Safely tucked in the dead branches of the fallen tree, the leopard got curious about his pursuers. Most of the buffalo were sick of waiting for the cat to come down and were walking about, waiting for the herd to move again. One buffalo was still curious and stretched his neck up to sniff the leopard’s paw, which was lazily hanging down from the tree.

National Geographic

When the leopard felt the buffalo’s breath, he leaned his head down in curiosity, their noses touched, and they kissed! Predator and prey. That’s not something you see every day! You can see it all happen in the video below.

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