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Librarian’s Brutally Honest Review of Children’s Book Will Have You Cracking Up

Sometimes, you get bored at work and you look for anything to help pass the time. That’s what an Imgur user, Kaitlin, recently did when she was working at her first librarian job. She picked up a children’s book and found it hilarious— so comical that she had to share her thoughts on social media. She wasn’t expecting everyone else to love her commentary.

Just Another Boring Day

It was a typical day for Kaitlin, a young librarian associate. She was working at the circulation desk, but she didn’t have a lot to do. That’s when she picked up a children’s book, A Hungry Lion or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals, and she began to read it. She wasn’t expecting it to be so funny.

“I was extremely bored, so I opened up one of the children’s books that had been checked in and just started reading it,” she shared. “I thought it was hilarious, so I started ‘snapchatting’ my reactions to it.”

Creating Hilarious Commentaries

Kaitlin critiqued the book, commenting on everything from the characters’ facial expressions to discussing major plot holes. Of course, she was commenting as an adult reader when the book is intended for children, but her reactions are still hilarious.

But even though her reactions are humorous, Kaitlin wasn’t bashing children’s books. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

“Anything can happen in a children’s book and that child will accept it, regardless of how off the wall it is,” she commented.

An Expert Commentator

Kaitlin has posted 20 children’s books reviews on Snapchat and Imgur. To her surprise, the thread became an instant hit with other users.

“I was surprised that people actually thought I was funny and wanted more. My friends asked me to do more and gave requests. I was pretty floored,” she said.

Everyone likes a little bit of humor. Keep the commentary coming!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved