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5 Times Hysterical Librarians Had People Cracking Up – Quietly, Of Course

Librarians are often stereotyped as boring, quiet, and even grim. That’s a load of nonsense. They’re surrounded by the wittiest tomes ever written. Librarians know where it’s at, and their humor is delightfully unexpected because of their reputations. Don’t believe it? Keep reading. You’ll be belly-laughing by the end.

Judging A Book By Its Cover

People often come to librarians looking for books. They don’t know the author, the title, the topic, but darn it, they remember the color of the cover exactly! Well, these clever librarians have finally figured out the solution to that problem. Do you think a display like this would help you?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Enticing folks to come into the library is probably a tough gig. One small town library decided to leave passersby a cheeky message showing off their sense of humor. You can’t argue with the logic of the sign, either. Nothing in the world is that bad as long as you have a book to read, right?


You know what librarians hate? Velociraptor attacks. Aren’t they the worst? One library felt the need to celebrate its status as a Velociraptor-free safe space. The funny sign is something of a history lesson, as well. You have to give props to the librarian who managed to do the math in this situation.

Fake News

Leave it up to town libraries to keep all of us in line. In a world where alternative facts are often prized over the truth, one library made a stand to “tell it like it is.” Facts don’t care about your feelings, as the saying goes, but a little bit of fiction is always an entertaining proposition.

The Doctor’s Orders

Any library that quotes Doctor Who is a winner. It just so happens that this library, in the course of being humorous, also shared a quote that reveals the vital importance of books. Bruises fade. Cuts heal. A diss written on paper, however, lasts forever. The pen is mightier than the sword, after all.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved