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Lifelong Friends Learn Something Deeper About Their Relationship After 60 Years

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lifelong friends

Turn back the clock to the 1960s, when youngsters Walter MacFarlane and Alan “Robi” Robinson were the closest of friends. Residing in Honolulu, Hawaii, they did just about everything together, including playing on the same high school football team. They had many things in common, but there was one thing that stood out above all else – their desire to find their biological parents.

They Didn’t Know Their Parents

Robi was adopted as a child, and never got the chance to meet his folks. Walter had never met his father, and both he and Robi bonded over this common struggle. But little did they know just how much they really had in common.

lifelong friends


As they grew older, they drifted apart but continued to stay friends. Robi became a professional pilot for Aloha Airlines, and Walter became a football coach. They found wives, raised families, and managed to stay in touch with each other for over 60 years! But their destinies were about to intertwine more intimately than they ever had.

An Emotional Birthday Surprise

Walter’s kids had decided that enough was enough. As a gift for his 74th birthday, they would give him a DNA test so he could properly search for his biological father. So Walter took the test, and it wasn’t long before a particular DNA match rose to the top – an alias account named Robi737.

lifelong friends


Walter couldn’t believe his eyes. He had no doubt in his mind that Robi737 was in fact his good friend Robi (especially because as a pilot, Robi flew Boeing 737 planes). Clearly Robi had also taken a DNA test, and according to the data online… Robi was Walter’s half-brother!

Confirming The Truth

He immediately called up his old pal Robi to confirm this seemingly impossible scenario. An astounded Robi said that he indeed was Robi737, and the rest was history. They couldn’t believe that the same problem they’d bonded over their entire lives was now being solved in such a beautifully poetic fashion.

lifelong friends


“It’s just hard to fathom, it was so emotional,” said Walter. Since this discovery had happened around the winter holidays, Robi called it a “Christmas miracle.” As you might imagine, the pair became even closer after that. Determined to make up for lost time, the lifelong friends – and now brothers – have plans to travel together and make all kinds of new memories.

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