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Cheeky Lioness Makes The Funniest Move To Get Clueless Lion’s Attention

Although lions are nothing but mammals, not all big cats are game to get frisky a la the Discovery Channel. To the amusement and curiosity of onlookers, one determined lioness was recorded making multiple failed attempts to seduce a male lion. As the lioness attempted to arouse the interest of a completely unfazed male lion, her moves were rebuffed.

Way To Shake A Tail Feather

Not ready to give up too easily, the lioness becomes increasingly brazen to get the male lion’s attention. But despite the lioness’s efforts to get some TLC and affection, the male seems to have his attention focused on something far more interesting in the distance to give this female the time of day.


While being filmed in an enclosed space, the lioness is not one to forfeit her hunt. The male lion, whether he realizes it or not is the lioness’s number one target. At first, the lioness thinks her luck may change once she sits atop the lounging male lion. She even moves her tail back and forth in hopes of breaking the transfixed male out of his stupor. But despite the lioness’s display of her body, the lion is still unmoved.

Eyes Over Here, Please?

Eventually, the lioness decides to pull out all the stops and puts her back legs onto the back of the male. However, the male lion continues staring off into the void, ignoring the lioness’s persistence.


After continually being snubbed by this male lion, the lioness makes one last ditch effort to get her intended male suitor to realize what he’s missing.

No Time For Love

Unfortunately for the lioness, after she drops it low to slither across the grass to her love interest, the male lion finally decides it’s time to make a break for it. He gets up, steps over her body, and saunters off to find a new place to rest unbothered.


Defeated, the lioness finally halts her chase and lets the ‘king of the jungle’ get away.

Watch it for yourself!

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