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Literal Cat Burglar Loves Stealing People’s Intimate Items

It’s no secret that when it comes to stealth, cats are among the craftiest in the world. Unfortunately for one New Zealand community, one local housecat has decided to use her sneakiness for evil. Here you’ll meet a real-life cat burglar who has developed an obsession for robbing her neighbors of some of the most hilariously inappropriate items imaginable.

The Picture Of Innocence

Meet Brigit, a 6-year-old Tonkinese cat who looks like a normal, playful kitty. As it turns out, underneath that unassuming exterior, Brigit hides a dark secret.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

A Cat Like No Other

Like many other household pets, Brigit loves to play hunting games. While a laser pointer or toy mouse may work for the average feline, Brigit’s tastes are a bit more ambitious.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

Bringing Gifts

Rather than bring her owner gifts such as dead birds or small vermin, Brigit prefers lavishing her family with stolen clothing items. During Brigit’s early days of thievery, virtually no items were safe when she roamed the night streets of her Hamilton, New Zealand hometown.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

Testing The Waters Of Thieving

“In our last house she’d bring home a bit of everything…” Brigit’s owner, Sarah Nathan, revealed to the New Zealand Herald. She went on to specify that as her pint-sized prowler grew more proficient, her tastes grew far more specific, as you’re about to see.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

Finding Her Niche

As Brigit’s talent for burglary grew, she eventually decided to zone in on a specific market: men’s underwear. “Now she’s decided menswear is the thing – and it’s a very specific kind of underpants that she likes,” Ms. Nathan revealed. As you’ll see in the next slide, Brigit’s heart may belong to men’s underpants, but there’s one other item she’ll accessorize her loot with from time to time.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

Room To Accessorize

Rather than return home empty-handed on a slow night, Brigit occasionally resorts to her side love of stealing random socks.”It’s an absolute obsession. A night does not go by without her bringing things home. I got up this morning and there were another four socks in the house,” Ms. Nathan says.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

A Look Of Triumph

Though Brigit was not available for comment, the look on her face as she stands over her prizes makes it safe to assume that this little cat burglar regrets nothing. Check out the next slide to see her in all her glory as she stands before an even larger collection of her loot.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

Striving For Cat Burglar Immortality

Brigit’s owner reveals that the furry felon has stolen as many as 50 socks and 11 pairs of underpants during the course of just two months.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

Spreading Chaos

As Brigit’s infamy continues to spread far and wide, there have even been a few instances of copycat crimes. This kitty from Kent, England named Reginald was recently discovered to have stashed away a few pairs of stolen underpants of his own.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

A Selfie Of Satisfaction

Brigit’s only response upon hearing of her sassy influence upon sneaky kitties around the world? Merely this selfie, in which she displays the unmistakable look of pure pride.

Facebook/Sarah Nathan

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