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Little Boy Delivers ‘Best Man’ Speech And His Father’s Reaction Is Priceless

Shortly after you get engaged, you begin planning your dream wedding. You select a date, venue, your attire, and of course, your wedding party. It’s sometimes a daunting task to decide who should be your maid of honor and best man. But for this man, he had an obvious choice for his best man: his seven-year-old son.

Best Man’s Responsibilities

The best man is an important role in the wedding ceremony. He’s responsible for holding the rings, leading the groomsmen, planning the bachelor party, and delivering a heartwarming speech. It’s sometimes difficult to decide who should perform this special role. But for Nick Del Bono, his son, Vincent, was the obvious choice to be his best man.

Supporting His Dad

Vincent clearly enjoyed supporting his father, otherwise known as his best friend, on Nick’s big day. He probably didn’t help plan the bachelor party, but he stood by his dad’s side at the ceremony and wore similar formal attire. He even wrote his own speech, which ended up being a real tearjerker.

‘A Real Superhero’

Vincent was quick to tell everyone that he considers his father as a superhero. He told the guests, “Whether my dad is a real superhero or not, he is my superhero. He can’t fly or anything, but he has even better powers.” At this point, Nick is holding back tears while being comforted by his bride, Lauren.

Father Of The Year

Vincent continued by demonstrating how Nick deserves to be voted as Father of the Year. He shared, “He takes care of me when I’m sick. He reads me stories every night before bed. He taught me how to ski, he taught me how to throw a baseball, he teaches me how to have good manners. He’s at every single game of mine and he can always make me laugh. But most of all, he loves me.”

One Final Tearjerker

At this point, Vincent had everyone in tears with his heartwarming speech. He concluded by saying, “Daddy, I’m glad to call you my best friend and I’m even happier that you asked me to be your best man. But most of all, I love that all three of us are the Del Bono family.” At the end of the speech, Nick hugged his best man and it’s obvious the new family will be filled with plenty of love and joy.

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