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Little Girl Recalls Moment She Met Her Adoptive Parents In Adorable Viral Video

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November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. Adoption allows families to grow and children to find welcoming homes. Most children don’t remember the exact moment when they met their adoptive parents- they’re too young, but sometimes kids surprise you.

Four-year-old Gabby shocked her adoptive mother when she said she cherishes the first time they met. Her mother captured the adorable conversation on camera, and now it’s a viral video. People can’t get enough of the little girl who is so grateful her parents adopted her and her baby sister. Warning: You might want to grab a box of tissues.

‘Very Excited To See You And Our Daddy’

The video, posted to the Newsflare YouTube channel in October 2019, features Gabby talking to her adoptive mother about the first time they met. The four-year-old recalls when she knew she and her one-year-old baby sister, Lily, would be adopted into a new family. She remarked, “We were very excited to see you and our daddy. And we love you guys and want to be here for you and Daddy.”

Melting at her daughter’s sweet words, her mother responded, “And I was very excited to meet you, too.” Well, who wouldn’t be excited to meet this adorable little girl? Gabby opened her big puppy dog eyes wide and asked if they were also excited to meet Lily. She didn’t forget about her baby sister. She’s already winning the Sister of the Year Award.

Revealing A Secret

Gabby had already melted her mother’s heart, but that wasn’t all she was going to say. She continued by explaining what happened to her heart when she met her new parents for the first time. She said, “Do you know what happened to my heart? Well, when the first time I saw you, my heart fell in love with you!” Cue the tears of joy.

Of course, Gabby’s mother said her heart also fell in love with her precious daughters. It looks like the mother-and-daughter pair is going to grow up with a special, close bond. Years from now, the family will love looking back at this video. They’ll never forget how they felt the first day they saw each other.

Going Viral

Videos like these are made to go viral. When the video was posted on People Magazine’s official Facebook page, it garnered more than 201,000 likes, 11,000 comments, and has been shared over 58,000 times. People couldn’t get enough of the adorable girl and how sweet she was about her adoption.

Facebook user Breda J. Bergin commented, “She’s a beautiful child…Beautiful soul…It just pours out of her baby eyes.” Another user, Davina Brown, said, “This little toot is so smart, so protective and loving to her baby sibling, making sure that she is out there with her. You would think she was born before to have so much wisdom for a little girl. You can’t see the adoptive mom’s face, but her voice sounds pure and loving. Just the right lady to love and protect these beautiful children. How lucky they have landed in a nice family.”

Many Facebook users commented that the video is a perfect example of how adoption should be. They shared their personal experiences with adoption. User Julie West-Morganti said, “I’m adopted and there is no greater love than accepting a child as your own and loving them more than anything.” Another user, Jody Tierney, commented, “I know what she means because my heart fell in love with my son the moment they brought him in the room where we met for the first time. He was a year old and crawled over to me to pick him up…He had my heart immediately!” Can it get any more adorable?

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