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This Viral Video Of A Little Girl Soothing A Giant Horse Helped The White Stallion Find A New Home

The bond between an animal owner and a horse can be as strong as anything in nature. The two can work together, comfort each other, and become lifelong close companions.

A 5-Year-Old And A Large Horse

People love to see examples of charming, close equine and human connections. So, when a video of 5-year-old Lily Rae and a horse was posted to social media, it quickly went viral.

Maybe it was because Lily Rae was so tiny and earnest and the horse was so large that his head was the size of her body. Or it was the level of care she showed for her four-legged best friend.

The Young Girl Knows Horses

Part of the reason that Lily Rae is so good with horses is that she’s spent a lot of time around them. Her mother owns an equestrian stable where Lily boned with the horses and learned to ride. One of her favorite equine friends is a large, white horse in the video named Mac.

Mac returns her affection. On the night the video was taken, Lily Rae had gone out to see him in the stables. When he heard it was her, he poked his head out of the stall in excitement and held it there so he could get plenty of kisses, strokes, and snacks. He wouldn’t move it, always looking for more love.

For Sale

As it turns out, Lily Rae’s favorite horse Mac was actually for sale. After the video went viral, Lilly’s mom received lots of offers.

She was able to pick and choose among possible owners and found just the right home for the horse. Hopefully, it’s also be a place where Lily Rae can visit. But in any case, we hope Lily will continue her habit of caring for other horses, giving them snuggles and snacks just like Mac.

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