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Looking For Romance? Timeless Relationship Advice To Consider In The New Year Ahead

Navigating relationships and dating can be challenging, especially when you are single and looking to couple up with someone. Of course, many of us have been given helpful advice about what to look for in a significant other or certain things that are absolute deal breakers. We may not always trust our instincts, and sometimes we compromise too much. Thankfully, there is some advice we should take to heart when looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, that we wish we heard a lot earlier in the dating game.

Give Up On The Chase

Hunting someone down to prove that you are worthy of their love is a waste of time. The right person will eventually find their way to you, but you need to focus on being authentic and not obsessing over being in a couple. People come with baggage and their own motivations for a relationship that you might not see on the surface, so don’t chase anyone.

Love Doesn’t Require Control Or Fixing

If you feel like you have to change someone to make the relationship perfect or enjoy controlling their image and behavior, that’s not love. People in a relationship should be able to comfortably be themselves, have their voice heard, and equally share in a couple’s development and direction. Anyone who tries to dominate someone with threats, gifts, or abuse should be dropped like a bag of bricks.

Drop The Search For Your Other Half

When you’re born, you are not half of a person. You are a complete human being that is made up of complex emotions, memories, life lessons, and a personality. No one on the planet is going to complete you or make your life perfect. Everyone is going through something, so you hope to find someone who can travel with life alongside you, not leaning on you for fulfillment.

Breakups Aren’t A Bad Thing

Breaking up with a significant other can be hella painful, especially if you built a life around them for a few years or more. A relationship that goes sour can teach you a lot more about yourself, what you want out of a relationship, and criteria for a partner. If you keep getting with flakes, abusive people or date out of your league, maybe it is you not them. Know thyself, and discover someone who is a better fit.

Love Is A Choice

Love is a beautiful emotion to experience, but it is not an unchanging perfect condition. Some days will be better than others, and there may be fights, struggles, and tears. Love is a goal that we choose to work toward. We must learn to appreciate the journey of a relationship, which helps us grow as individuals and as a couple. Patience, forgiveness, and understanding are necessary for love to thrive.

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