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Lost Cat Pops Up At Local Bookstore And Completely Takes It Over!

An unlucky black cat found himself out in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri with nowhere to go. After wandering around, he found himself at a local bookstore, and soon decided he was the one in charge!

A New Friend

Employees at Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore, found Spike as a kitten all alone near the bookstore. The team at the bookstore could’ve easily pet the cat, gave him some milk, and sent him on his way. However, they just couldn’t bear to leave the poor cat all alone.

Instead, the employees took him in at the bookstore, adopting him as their official “store cat.” Almost 11 years later, Spike is still at the bookstore enjoying his life as an unofficial employee.

An Unexpected Employee

Spike literally lives at Left Bank Books, roaming and sleeping throughout the bookstore all day and night. He is friendly towards guests at the store, who love to come up and pet him. Employees also make sure he has a good amount of food and water throughout the day.

Surprisingly, Spike is actually the third black cat that’s ended up at the bookstore’s front door. The other two cats were Captain Nemo, who was rescued from drowning, and Jamaica, named after author Jamaica Kincaid. The black cats have been so special to Left Bank Books that the store uses black cats in their branding!

A Local Celebrity

Spike has become pretty popular in St. Louis, and it’s pretty clear he knows it too! The cat openly walks, hides, sleeps and leaps around the store. He can even be seen roaming through the aisles at different events there.

With his own Instagram account, Spike has also gotten a lot of notoriety outside of the city. In fact, some people come to the bookstore just to see Spike, and he definitely loves the attention! What’s even better is that this once homeless kitten managed to find his forever home where he’s treated well and loved.

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