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Lost Dog Has ‘Tearful Reunion’ With Mom After Two Years

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There’s nothing more heartbreaking than discovering your beloved pet has been cruelly dognapped. Many families lose hope that they will ever see their furry family member again. Thanks to the power of social media, one dog was able to reconnect to his owner. When Lord was stolen from his mom’s backyard in 2017, the Ukranian shelter that found him was able to return him home. Happy endings for pets that end up on the streets and in shelters prove that having hope can trigger a miracle.

Losing Lord

One fateful day, Lord was dog-napped from his owner’s garden. Somehow, the poor canine ended up on the harsh streets of Ukraine. His frame was gaunt, he suffered from mange, and his sad blue eyes told the unspoken heartbreak Lord experienced as a stray. Lord was in terrible shape, but the shelter staff that was in charge of his care was determined to find him a loving home. Little did anyone know, Lord did have someone out in the world desperately searching to find her pooch.

As Lord made a recovery with plenty of rest, food, medicine, and nurturing, the staff turned to Facebook to signal-boost his story. Hopefully, someone out there would have a welcoming home and heart for this hard-luck dog. Lord’s deep blue eyes instantly caught the attention of the Internet. Hundreds of people started sharing pictures of the dog, and the shelter staff was hopeful for the animal’s future. As fate would have it, Lord wouldn’t have to wait long to leave the shelter.

A Ruff Life

Life for animals in a shelter or on the street is not an easy one. Lord had been missing for two years after disappearing from his owner’s yard in 2017. In June 2019, the animal shelter found Lord and was willing to do anything to help the animal. Pictures shared around the world caught the eye of his owner’s friend, who was living in Australia. Stunned at the uncanny resemblance to her missing dog, the woman contacted the animal shelter.

Lord was in for the surprise of his life. As his owner stepped forward to see if he was indeed the dog she had been searching for, he began wagging his tail excitedly. Tears streamed down the woman’s face once she realized the dog standing before her was her precious missing pooch. Lord happily leaped to his feet to give his owner a warm embrace after being missing for two whole years. Shelter staff captured the emotional moment on camera and shared it on their Facebook page.

Into Familiar Arms

Thanks to people who were willing to help out Lord by sharing his photo, he was reconnected to his long lost owner. The shelter staff was happy to report on another successful shelter story. “We thank everyone who shared our post. Thanks to you the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to his owner’s soul.” The positive power side of social media helped close a painful chapter in the life of a dog and his beloved human.

Family pets are at risk of being stolen or going missing every year, so it pays for owners to chip their pets and secure their property. In a world full of heartbreaking stories involving distraught owners looking for their furry family members, it gives us all a bit of hope when animals and humans are reunited. The bond between human and animal companions is strong. Despite the passage of time, it pays never to give up hope that we will find our way home at last. Under the rough and dirty exterior of a stray dog surviving the streets, lies a pup who may have once known a loving home with humans who cared deeply for them.

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