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This Lottery Winner Has ‘Mystifies Everyone’ For Living In Humble Trailer

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Some say it’s easier for a person to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery. Bob Stuart of Kennebunkport, Maine, has managed to defy the odds, winning the lottery twice in four months. Despite winning a generous sum of money via scratch-off tickets, the 65-year-old widower and grandfather prefers to stay in his weathered trailer home. Winning the lottery can be both a blessing or curse, as many winners fall prey to extravagant spending. Bob has adhered to living a simple life, keeping his job, and sticking to a routine to stay “normal.”

Scratch To Riches

At first glance, Bob Stuart doesn’t appear to be a man with a hefty bank account. The father of three doesn’t believe in living lavishly. Bob’s sister, Becky Gosselin, said of their family: “That’s how we were brought up.” The only indulgence Bob Stuart engages in is purchasing scratch-off tickets, and he has no plans of giving it up.

Most lottery winners show off with a new house, car, or fancy jewelry, but not Bob. Even Bob’s son, Greg, who was a lottery winner too, has noted his father’s love for simple living. Bob purchased a scratch-off ticket for $25 from a vending machine at the Hannaford Supermarket in Kennebunk, which ended with the lucky senior winning $1 million. After taxes, Mr. Stuart’s take-home winnings was $710,000.

Same As Always

Mr. Stuart has always been a hard-working man all of his life. He spent 27 years working as a dump-truck driver for the Department of Transportation, and he currently works 11-hour shifts at the Hissong Ready-Mix & Aggregates in South Portland. When questioned about his decision to continue working, despite being wealthy, Stuart had this to say. “I get bored when I take a vacation.” Bob does live large once a year when he takes time off to enjoy a trip to NASCAR in his camper in London, N.H.

Bob still drives around his trusty 2018 pickup truck, and he grabs a hotdog or hamburger from the Arundel Market after work for dinner each night. When Bob feels in the mood to splurge on dinner, he chooses the lobster roll from the market. At home, Bob enjoys relaxing in his recliner, watching television, and is surrounded by pictures of his family on the walls. The only upgrade he gave his 40-year-old trailer home was new windows, which he got via a good deal from a friend.

Loved By Lady Luck

Buying scratch-off tickets is something Bob will continue to do, even after winning over $1 million. A little under three months after Bob’s big win, another $25 scratch-off ticket won him $100,000. Stuart has also admitted to snagging winning lottery tickets from gas stations, which earned $100 and $500, respectively. Good friends of Bob tease him to quit while he’s ahead and stop purchasing scratch-off tickets. It seems that following his love for gambling on a whim, buying scratch-offs from gas stations and vending machines have kept Bob on a lasting winning streak.

On the Facebook page for WMTW-TV, Bob’s story received 2.6K likes, 392 comments, and 503 shares. Many people offered well wishes and congratulated Bob’s enviable stroke of luck. Facebook user Joni Poirier commented, “Good for you! I love hearing when great things happen for people!” Cory Staples had a humorous response, “Looks like he might be a relative of mine. I’ll call you Uncle Bobby. We are related now. Can I borrow some money?” For Maine’s luckiest man, life has stayed relatively calm and unchanged by sudden celebrity and fortune. Thankfully, more people are happy to congratulate the grandfather of six, and not give in to jealousy or look for handouts.

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