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You’ll Either Love Or Hate This Odd New Manicure Trend

The traditional manicure and pedicure can bring about a calm, relaxing experience for you and your friends. Going to a salon to have your fingers and toes treated like royalty can be a nice touch after a long day in the office. Sometimes, however, the traditional manicure and pedicure aren’t enough.

Hands On Your Toes

The Russian nail salon Nail Sunny, which operates an Instagram page under the handle @nail_sunny, has posted a series of weird photographs of their latest nail designs. While there is no right way to do someone’s nails, their plans have caught the Internet by storm for their creepy designs.


Owners of the salon, two sisters by the name of Eleonora and Arina Movsisyan, told Allure “If you have some stupid idea, tell us about that. We can make a super-cool design after that.” Having studied in Los Angeles, they decided to take their skills back to Russia, where they are attracting a very diverse list of clients.

Other Design Possibilities

Though the trends of small hands and feet on your actual hands and feet is creepy at first glance, there is no denying that the trend carries an extraordinary interest. As much as you want to look away, you just can’t.

Metro UK

The sisters have also come up with a host of other exciting designs. Pictures posted to their salon’s Instagram show nails with eye designs on them. Others show a toothbrush head and teeth. They are proving that there is an endless possibility to the nail designs you choose.

Mixed Reactions

In spite of the strangeness of these sisters’ nail designs, their posts attract thousands of commenters with mixed reactions. “Again with you guys are so talented I just really don’t understand some of the nail art here…Why?…” wrote one Instagram user. Another added, “Keep body parts off of nails.”

Boing Boing

No matter how you may feel about these intriguing nail designs, there is no denying they have done an excellent service to the Internet. With users mixed between loving and hating them, there is no doubt people will continue to gaze over their unusual designs.

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