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Love To Snuggle Up With Your Pet In Bed? Top 5 Reasons Science Says It’s Good For You

The unconditional love of a dog or cat provides tremendous benefits for pet owners. After years of debating whether it’s healthy or safe to let pets share the bed with their humans, multiple scientific studies have shown it’s more beneficial than harmful. There may be the risk of pet hair and dander on furniture, but as long as a healthy pet isn’t sleeping under the covers, four-legged furry family members are welcome.

Ease Chronic Pain

Cradling up to a loving furball of softness is comforting for both pets and their humans. According to a study conducted by the University of Alberta, people who suffer from chronic pain or sleep disorders would fare better with their pet in the bedroom. Having physical contact with a pooch or feline sharing the bed increases feelings of relaxation, safety, and well-being, versus shooing an animal out at night.

Ladies’ Man

Women in particular benefit positively from sleeping with their pets. A study published in the International Society for Anthropology journal found that women who have a dog as a “bed buddy” sleep better experience fewer disruptions, versus sleeping with a human partner or a cat. Sorry Fluffy. Dogs also offer natural body warmth that rivals an electric blanket and makes sleepers feel safe because they’ll bark in case of trouble.

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

Science backs up cuddling up with furry family members to improve your mood and make you feel better. Studies conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia and researchers at Japan’s Azabu University confirm the positive benefits of co-sleeping with pets. Touching pets raises oxytocin levels and serotonin in the brain, which leads to positive feelings, a greater sense of trust, and promotes overall emotional and mental wellness.

Beds And Bonding

Pets love to be close to their humans. Sharing the bed or couch with a dog or cat builds upon an unshakable bond of love and trust. Humans who leave their pet alone most of the day can benefit from letting their pet sleep with them. A Mayo Clinic survey showed that co-sleeping increases a pet’s happiness and strengthens the relationship between animals and humans.

Natural Stress Relief

Getting a good night’s rest can be hard for many, as problems like insomnia, anxiety, or stress can keep people awake. Pets offer reassurance to sleepers and help people sleep more efficiently. Hearing a cat or dog rhythmic breathing while sleeping nearby can be calming. A Mayo Clinic study conducted in 2015 found that people who sleep with pets in their room get a better night’s rest, provided their furbaby isn’t in their bed in an awkward position.

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