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Lovesick Kitty Won’t Leave Photo Of Her Favorite Person

Our pets aren’t only best friends to us. Most of the time, the feeling is mutual! Our animals depend on us to love and care for them, and most pets show at least some affection in return. But this little cat, Yuuki, takes her love for her human to the extreme!

Max And Yuuki’s Exceptional Bond

Whoever said “dog is man’s best friend” has never met Yuuki! This sweet little cat was destined to spend her days in the shelter until Max Nimrichter came along. The young man decided to adopt the kitten to help his mother, Erin, cope with his impending absence for military boot camp. However, Yuuki had other ideas.

Rather than latching onto Erin, Yuuki immediately became smitten with Max. Fortunately, the young man was just as taken with Yuuki as she was with him! The two formed a bond so intense that they couldn’t seem to be in the same room without snuggling. Soon, however, Yuuki would be forced to survive without Max’s presence.

Extremely Torn Up Over Max’s Absence

Due to his position in the military, Max couldn’t stick around to care for Yuuki. He left his beloved cat with his mother and went off to serve. But since he couldn’t explain to Yuuki why he was leaving, the cat felt the loss of his presence immensely.

The heartbroken kitten longed for Max’s return. It took several weeks for Yuuki to register that Max wasn’t a part of the household anymore. Though her grief from his absence slowly faded, Yuuki continued to miss, love, and wait for Max. The lovestruck kitty soon developed a habit that broke Erin’s heart.

Yuuki’s Heartbreaking Way To Stay Close To Max

It seemed that one of Max and Yuuki’s favorite activities was simply cuddling with each other. Once Max was gone from home, Yuuki found a new way to appreciate his presence. The feline grew incredibly attached to a photograph of Max in his graduation garb, and getting her to leave its side wasn’t easy!

According to Erin, Yuuki spends hours snuggled up against the frame of the photo, purring, yowling, and sleeping. As much as Erin has tried to console Yuuki, she seems to find some comfort in the photo. Hopefully, it’ll be a good enough substitute until Max comes home to love on her again!

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