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These People Are Down on Their Luck But Still Have A Great Sense of Humor

There is nothing funny about being homeless, and it happens more often to our fellow Americans than it should. However, that doesn’t mean that people going through hardships can’t be witty, touching, or even inspiring. Check out some of the wittiest signs that street folk held up. They’re absolutely awesome.

This Seems Like A Sound Plan


This plan comes with the added benefit that if the cops catch you, they might put you in a cell with free food for a night.

Who Was The Winner?

sense of humor


This man had an excellent idea and definitely got people to put their money where their mouth is. The photographer said that this homeless guy was absolutely thrilled to report that atheists had been the most charitable by far.

They’re Certainly Dressed For It


These two ladies appear to have the perfect outfits to do a little ballet for a generous donor. We like the sock puppets too, they’re a nice touch.

The Ultimate In Honesty


Why sweat the small stuff? This man has turned life’s disadvantages into a sales pitch for his life. Good work, sir! Now, why not get a job in advertising?

Forever Hopeful


This gentleman has a very different tack for getting himself some dinner. We’d like to point out that if we run into him, the burgers are on us.

As Good A Shrink As Any


America may love its therapists and psychologists, but the truth is, there’s very little evidence that therapy is effective at solving your problems. So, why not help this guy out instead?

He’ll Go Ninja On You


It takes something special for a guy with no legs and no home to keep smiling, but this guy has it. He also has a great sense of humor.

Winning Over The SJWs


This sign is cunningly designed to prey on the consciences of the modern day Social Justice Warrior movement. Hobophobia is an excellent name for a societal injustice, too.

Where Do We Sign Up For This?

sense of humor


This is our kind of sign. If it works, we’ll quit work, pick up a board and join him. Honesty with a twist of humor.

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