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Ludwik The ‘Hairless Guinea Pig’ Is A Total Camera Hog, And The Internet Is Loving It

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There’s nothing cuter than a tiny animal who knows how to pose for the camera. Meet Ludwik, an adorable hairless guinea pig from Warsaw, Poland. Before becoming an Internet sensation and an Instagram celebrity with 278K followers, life for Ludwik was tough. Agata Nowacka rescued Ludwik from a pet store where he was riddled with health problems. After successfully being nursed back to health, Ludwik found fame in the camera’s spotlight.

Someone To Love

When Agata Nowacka laid eyes on Ludwik, he was a skinny guinea pig who needed some TLC. The poor creature was abandoned at a pet store, and was suffering from pneumonia, fungal infections, and was emaciated. Agata was happy to be Ludwik’s human and caretaker. Nowacka had this to say about Ludwik, “When I first saw him at that pet store, he was so poor and skinny.” She lovingly nursed the skinny guinea pig for six months until he was healthy and chubby again.

Ludwik needed a particular regimen of care to combat symptoms of neglect. The guinea pig required a weekly bath and frequent moisturization to protect his hairless body. Photogenic guinea pigs like Ludwik have sensitive skin, but Ludwik loves showing off for the camera. Agata started an Instagram account for Ludwik to help bring positive attention to his story. In addition to living with Agata, Ludwik gained some new animal family members. He also lives with another guinea pig named Rachel, and two Yorkies.

Flaunt It For The Camera

Taking photos of Ludwik every day is a creative challenge for Agata, but she and Ludwik keep set ideas fresh. Often, Ludwik takes pictures with different types of healthy snack foods or wears a little outfit. Ludwik is a natural in front of the camera, posing with pieces of lettuce, a bunch of grapes, or making funny faces. When Agatha isn’t playing photographer, she studies political science and business. During shoots, Ludwik usually dozes off for a nap. Agata has noted that Ludwik’s favorite thing to do is take naps, and he will even do it at the vet’s office.

Some models are shy about being naked in front of a camera, but Ludwik wears the skin he’s in proudly. The response to Ludwik’s Instagram photoshoots has been stellar. After starting Ludwik’s account a year ago, his followers went from 57,000 to 278K. People look forward to seeing what Ludwik will be doing in his next set. Whether Ludwik is posed in a bowl of veggies or curled up in a hat, he’s always ready for his audience. Ludwik doesn’t let his newfound celebrity get to his head; he’s just a loveable, naked guinea pig.

A Rising Star

Ludwik’s story of going from “zero to hero” is one everyone can get behind. Once Ludwik found a loving home and returned to good health, he was able to share his photogenic face with the world. People can’t help but smile or giggle, seeing pics of this chubby, silly guinea pig being himself. In addition to having adoring fans on Instagram, Ludwik also maintains a Facebook page filled with photos and funny videos.

A picture of Ludwik on his Facebook page showed the naked guinea pig sporting some vintage sunglasses. The photo received 1K likes, 98 shares, and 84 comments. Facebook user Jenny Lynn commented, “Sweet Ludwik… are you channeling your inner John Lennon? You look gorgeous darling!” Another adorable photo of Ludwik showed him sleeping, and it received 1.1K likes, 87 comments, and 57 shares. Amy Mertens responded to the Facebook post, “What a sweetie!!! So precious. Sweet dreams, little one.” Ludwik aims to please with weekly photos, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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