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Lulu the Dog Chooses Fun Time Over Being a CIA Agent

The US Central Intelligence Agency announced a tough decision to relieve Special Agent Lulu of her duties because “She would rather play.” This tough decision to drop her stemmed from the trainee’s inability to perform her duties.

Trainees experience problems just like in every other program, but in the case of Agent Lulu, it was clear that the problem wasn’t temporary and that she was just not meant for the job.

Improvised Explosive Devices known or IEDs in military jargon is a favored weapon of terrorists. Special units are being trained by different government agencies to counter this threat.

“Lulu” is an 18-month-old Labrador being trained in such a bomb-sniffing program to counter the IED threat, but a few weeks into the program it was clear that she wasn’t interested in detecting explosive odors and only wanted to play with her handler.

CIA trainers commissioned a doggy psychologist to check if the problem with Lulu was permanent, according to their twitter feed.

There are cases where puppies have exhibited similar problems but that usually is resolved with a bit of handler bonding, a vacation break, or medical treatment. However, in Lulu’s case, she was forcibly retired, as it is clear, that she is just not interested in detecting bombs.

The Agency believes that in spite of the investment in Lulu, this is the best decision to benefit all those involved.

The CIA follows a policy similar to the police and military in allowing retired K9 agents to be adopted by their handler and family. There are cases where the K9 agent is deemed too aggressive for adoption such as the case of Marine German Shepherd “Rex” and his handler Corporal Megan Leavy. This will not be a problem with Lulu. She was adopted by her handler is now comfortable with her new job sniffing out rabbits and squirrels with his children in their backyard.

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