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Magician Puts On Show For Dogs, And Their Reaction Is Priceless

Performing magic tricks for animals illicits quite an unusual reaction from them. You might get a look of shock and dismay, maybe even sadness upon realizing what they thought was there was actually not. For one magican in New York City, that reaction from dogs housed in a shelter might help shed light on those looking to adopt a furry friend.

Work And Play

Magician John Stessel loves dogs just as much as he loves magic. While he loved filling people with joy through the use of his magic shows, he decided to cater to a different kind of audience by performing tricks at a dog shelter in Hampstead New York.


Accompanied by John Bliss and the television network TBS, Stessel set out to a local shelter to give man’s best friend a little show. “I’ve always loved the idea of doing magic with dogs,” he stated in an interview. “Performing for them was nothing short of incredible.”

Magic Hands

In a video posted by TBS, John can be seen in an empty room performing magic tricks with the dogs. All of them live at the shelter and are currently looking a loving owner to take them home.

IHeart Radio

Stessel can be seen in a Santa hat performing a disappearing treat trick with the dogs, getting what has to be the cutest reactions possible. While some dogs look to him with shock and bewilderment, one rolls on his back and begs for the treat, sending laughter around the room.

The Final Act

While the idea of promising dogs a treat and then making it disappear may seem cruel, there is no need to worry. After performing the tricks, each dog was provided with tons of snacks and love from John.

Very Well Health

“They just wanted to be loved,” Stessel told Dodo. “Each one of them would be perfect to find their own forever home.” John hopes his magic is helping him to achieve his final goal, placing every dog in a loving home.

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