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Maine Man Has Ingenious Idea To Renovate A Cruise Ship To House The Homeless

From tiny houses to shipping crate homes to decked-out boxes, a lot of people have come up with creative ways to house the homeless. One man has taken the task to whole other level, though. He wants to turn a cruise ship into housing for the homeless. It’s a genius idea that everyone wishes they would have thought of first. Here’s how he plans to make it all work.

A Spark

The availability of affordable housing in Portland, Maine is scarce, to say the least. Instead of being simply disheartened by the idea, Ken Capron decided to do something about it. He brainstormed and came up with the idea of repurposing a cruise ship.

The idea itself is genius. Cruise ships are full of rooms, so it could house a lot of people. There are already common areas for food, lounging, and counseling. It would be a place that could really help people.

A New Kind Of Living

The boat would be permanently docked in the city, which creates a phenomenon in itself. It will be one of the first floating communities. This opens ups doors for further projects of a similar nature.

The cruise ship housing would be available to more than just the homeless, too. Those who are low income, those in the workforce population, and immigrants will also be eligible for the housing. That is something that almost no other shelter offers.

The Red Tape

Unfortunately, this project will require a lot of approval. The good news: the mayor is open to the idea. If he can advocate for this new type of housing, then perhaps the approval could move through all the red tape faster than is expected.

Other hurdles involved in the project include finances. The ship will have to be outfitted to hold 500 rooms over five levels, which will cost a pretty penny. Also, public support is something that will need to be addressed. Overall, the project sounds amazing. If it works out, it will be a true game changer.

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