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Man Makes Epic 170-Mile Journey After Forgetting To Buy Train Ticket For Bike

If you’ve ever underestimated the power of cyclists, James Owers may change your mind! When this man experienced a hitch in his trip to go biking, he could have easily called it quits. Instead, James decided to turn the mistake into an adventure. And though the odds were against him to complete his epic journey, he accomplished the unimaginable!

A Blunder With His Bike

When 28-year-old cyclist, James Owers, planned a trip with his girlfriend from Edinburgh to Inverness, he was beyond excited to bike through the gorgeous scenery there. Unfortunately, James forgot one extremely important detail for his trip: booking a space on the train for his bike. Most would brush off the inconvenience and push the vacation to a future date. However, James took sonew extreme measures to make it to his destination!

Deena’s Dare: A Promise Of Pizza

James’ girlfriend, Deena, had no problem boarding with her bike, but James was left without any possibility of squeezing his on. Still, James was too thrilled for the trip to give up the possibility of making it to his destination. Rather than sending him home, Deena bet him a pizza that he couldn’t beat the train. Inspired by the delicious incentive, James decided to give the bold challenge his best shot!

The Long Trek To Inverness

As much as James loved to cycle, making it all the way to Inverness would mean biking nearly 170 miles! But James was inspired by Deena, who planned to bike from London to Paris in the fall to raise money for charity. If she could do it for a good cause, James could do it for a free pizza! James expected to be exhausted in the end. But he never could have imagined all of the wonderful interactions he would experience along the way!

Rest Stops At Uber-Friendly Distilleries

As James made his journey, the young man made sure to stop at as many distilleries as possible on the 12-hour adventure. Who wouldn’t need a few drinks to make it through such a long trip? James was surprised at the friendliness of the strangers he met along the way. One person even gave him a very expensive bottle of alcohol for free! This goodwill motivated him even more to accomplish his difficult feat.

James’ Incredible, Unanticipated Victory

After a brutal half-day of cycling, James made it to the train station at 7:30 PM– approximately one hour before Deena’s train was to arrive! Deena was surely surprised that James managed to beat such a fast vehicle on his little bike. Still, James’ persistence pushed him to accomplish a seemingly impossible task. We can only hope he enjoyed his victory pizza!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved