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Man Brings Joy To Sick Kids By Dressing As Spider-Man

When sickness ravages a child’s life, the impact on their mental health can be tragic. Kids who are forced to spend time in the hospital can sometimes lose their childish spark due to their illnesses. But one real-life superhero is on a mission to lift these suffering children’s spirits!

Ricky Mena: Battle With Anxiety

Before brightening the lives of children, Ricky Mena struggled to find light in his own life. He was crippled by anxiety and PTSD, couldn’t find work, and was forced to crash on his friend’s couch. Though he eventually landed a job as a personal trainer, Mena still wasn’t living his life to the fullest. Soon, however, a single dream altered everything.

Ricky Pena/YouTube

Rescued By A Dream

Mena’s dream featured his late grandmother. In the vision, she showed Mena a Spiderman film in which the hero cheered up children in a hospital. Mena’s grandmother then told him that he would wake up and serve this purpose in the real world. The once-directionless young man immediately invested in a $1,400 Spiderman suit. However, making it into a hospital wasn’t easy.

Heart for a Hero

Sneaking In: Spiderman in Disguise

The determined superhero showed up at a local hospital but was turned away in his suit. Luckily, Mena didn’t give up. He managed to sneak in using his regular clothes. Once checked in, he secretly changed back into his spidey-suit and got to work lifting kids spirits. After the children’s touching reactions, the hospital staff couldn’t bear to ask him to leave!


Mena’s Lifelong Passion

Mena made the children laugh, smile, and feel empowered. Soon he started a non-profit, Heart Of a Hero, and began visiting even more terminally ill kids in other hospitals! Of course, watching the children he cares for grow sicker hasn’t always been easy. However, Mena has filled his role with courage and refuses to let his friends’ stories fade.

Heart Of a Hero

Fighting Through Loss

Mena has done everything from selling his car to support the non-profit to helping kids smile in their final moments. He is making sure that the legacies of his young friends continue on after they’re gone. “I won’t give up and am relentless in my need to share the stories of these children,” he said. Mena truly is a real-life superhero!

Heart of a Hero

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