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Man Buys Rare Babe Ruth Baseball Card For $2 And Values It At Millions

Everyone has an obsession. Some of us spend money on collectible items like Dale Bell from Visalia, California, who has collected baseball cards all his life. But in January 2019, he found a rare baseball card of the legendary Babe Ruth. At first, he assumed it was fake until he realized it was the real deal.

Lifelong Fan

Ball has been a fan of baseball for as long as he can remember. While he loved the sport, his favorite part was collecting every baseball card he could find. As an adult, he has learned how to preserve the cards so they would always be in perfect condition. He also knew how to spot a fake card.

His Best Find Yet

In January 2019, Ball was searching for his next find at a pawn shop in Sparks, Nevada. He came across a rare baseball card of Babe Ruth and Ball wondered if it was real. The store owner even explained it was fake, saying, “I can’t find it anywhere on the Internet. I think it’s fake.” But Ball still bought the card—for a whopping $2.

It Feels Authentic

After Ball left the pawn shop, he examined the baseball card in the sunlight. He said, “I’m looking at this card and feeling this paper and this is not how remakes are made.” He spent the next five days researching the card, eventually inquiring about the card’s 1921 Shotwell Company label. No one had seen a card like this one.

Speaking To The Expert

Ball spoke with an antique expert, who later confirmed the card was genuine. The card was already authenticated from the Heidelberg Company, who printed baseball cards from 1890 to the 1930s. All Ball had to do was grade it to determine how much it was worth in 2019 and he was shocked at the number.

The ‘Rarest Ruth’

Ball classified the baseball card as the “Rarest Ruth,” and it’s now worth millions of dollars. The baseball fan is holding onto the card, for now, offering a starting bid of $2 million. But he’s unsure if he will sell it or not, or possibly donate it to the best home for the rare baseball find— inside the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved