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Man Buys Storage Unit For $500 And Finds $7.5 Million Inside

Imagine you bought an attractive storage bin at the Container Store for your spices, you bring it home, and find the Hope Diamond inside. That’s what happened when a man recently bought a storage unit and found a safe containing $10 million inside. Well, these examples might not parallel each other monetarily but you get the idea.

Bang For Your Buck

Dan Dotson, a TV Auctioneer, is the owner of American Auctioneers. He’s often featured on Storage Wars, a reality show on the A&E Network.

He shared on his Facebook page an anecdote in which a woman approached him at a charity event and shared, “My husband works for a guy and he bought a unit from you for $500 and it had a safe in it.” While it’s not unusual to find safes in a storage unit, Dotson explains, they are usually empty. Not this one!

Cold Hard Cash

Apparently the new owner of the storage unit hired a professional to open the safe. The first attempt was unsuccesful. The second try, however, worked. Inside the safe was $7.5 million.

=Yahoo NewsThe previous owner of the storage unit next attempted to purchase the unit back from the safe-blaster for $820,000, and then double that. The offer was rejected. (I mean, hello? Math is for counting, people.) Eventually, an attorney helped the original owners and new owner settle for $1.2 million.

What Would You Do?

The identity of the man who opened the safe and the location are a secret to respect the privacy of the finder keeper. Hopefully, that will protect him from relatives who may show up and ask for a loan or breast augmentation surgery or a down payment on a Tesla.

The story does open up a fun set of hypoetheticals. Just in case one day you, too, find yourself $1.2 or $7.5 million richer, give or take a few bucks. As Dotson asked on his post, “What would you do?”

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