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How This Man Is Changing The World One Lawn At A Time (Again)

Rodney Smith was driving to his home in Huntsville, Alabama one day when he saw a man struggling to mow his lawn. Instead of driving by, he decided to stop and help. This act of kindness started a movement that spread not only in Rodney’s hometown, but across the United States, Canada, and the U.K.

A Mission To Build Community

After that day, Rodney started helping people who didn’t have the time or ability to mow their own lawns, like single moms, disabled people, and the elderly. He started Raising Men Lawn Care Service, which encourages young people to help their community by giving their service to those in need. As word spread, Rodney had about 60 kids enter the program. That was just the beginning.

Twitter: Rodney Smith

It’s About The People

Rodney and his volunteers love helping mow lawns and doing various lawn work for free. It’s not about the money and it’s not even really about the lawns. Rodney says it’s about the people he meets along the way. Rodney and the kids spread kindness and a sense of community with each lawn they mow.

Twitter: Rodney Smith

Spreading Across The Nation

Once he saw how enthusiastically people were responding to his lawn service, he decided to expand. A woman from Ohio heard about the work he was doing and asked how her grandson could help. This inspired him to recruit help from other places. So Rodney started the 50-yard challenge on social media. The challenge was for each volunteer to mow 50 lawns for free. The response was amazing!

Twitter: Rodney Smith

50 Lawns In 50 States

Building on the momentum of the 50-yard challenge, Rodney challenged himself to travel to all 50 states and mow lawns for people who need help. It took Rodney 39 days of traveling to complete his mission, but he did it and he met some wonderful and grateful people along the way.

Instagram: Raising Men Lawncare Service

A Movement Grows

Now Rodney is at it again, but this time he’s concentrating on spreading the word. Rodney is traveling to all 50 states again mowing lawns for the needy, and spreading the word through interviews, visits to schools, and community centers. He’s hoping to grow the movement and eventually offer scholarships to those who are volunteering.

Rodney says, “They are doing so much for their communities, that it’s important to give back to them for their education.”

You can follow Rodney’s travels on Twitter or Instagram, and if you have a person in need who’s lawn needs mowing, you can contact Rodney on his website. One person can make all the difference!

Twitter: Rodney Smith


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