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Man Creates Guide On How To Predict Heartbreak Based On A Woman’s Manicure, And Twitter Has Words

What if you could tell that a woman would break your heart based on the way she does her nails? Marwan Alteir, aka Twitter user @ItsRockkk, came up with a way to purportedly help his bros avoid heartbreak. The secret? All you have to do, he advised, is check out a woman’s manicure. He even wrote a paper, “Nails at First Sight,” that analyzed different manicures with respect to the behaviors, desires, and personality traits of the women who wore them. But did his analysis nail it? The social media word was quick to respond, and did not hold back.

Analytics In Dating

According to Alteir’s six-page docier, a woman’s nail aesthetic was a key indicator in determining what type of partner she’d be in a relationship. He maintained that his guide was all a guy would ever need to judge his dating prospects. Twitter’s community of manicure mavens and nail enthusiasts quickly picked up on the theory thanks to a video Alteir also posted on his debatable methodology. And, as you can imagine with such a polarizing subject, his postulations quickly went viral.

Gathering The Data

Alteir revealed that he had formulated the idea for his paper in 2018. Unfortunately, at the time, he didn’t have enough data to form his thesis. He spent the ensuing months showing photos of different manicure styles, nail shapes, and polish colors to 20 of his bros and 10 random guys. If any of the men had the same opinion about a particular nail trend or design, it went into his log.

Warning Signs

Alteir took to the Internet to propose that women with stiletto or arrowhead nail shapes were aggressive, loud, and potentially violent. Acorrding to his alleg findings, the same could be true of women who wore bold nail polish, such as red or neon hues. Even some neutral colors could point to a heartbreaker, he argued. Whether his post was uploaded as satire or in all seriousness, some women found his arguments specious, while others proudly owned it.

Living Dangerously

On the whole, even those who stridently disagreed with the viral post apparently still got a kick out of the provocative nail guide. Instead of complaining or arguing, however, many saw fit to spam his timeline with photos of their killer nails. Twitter user Ariel Rodriguez chimed in to boast that she was all about that dangerous life, for example. #sorrynotsorry

Tequila And Twerking

Other women proudly owned the traits that Rocky attributed to their nails. Knowing that long, sharp, pink fingernails are a sign that a woman drinks tequila and twerks like nobody’s business, for instance, Twitter user SAM1 let Rocky know that she was happy to claim the mantle. All in all, it seemed like Rocky’s research may have backfired just a little.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved