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Man With Dementia Remarries Wife After Forgetting Their First Wedding

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Bill Duncan loves his wife of 12 years, Anne, and nothing could change this fact. They inspire others to dream of a love story like theirs. So, when Bill was diagnosed with dementia and he began losing his memory, it was heartbreaking news for the couple.

Slowly, Bill began losing his memory of time spent with his wife—even their beautiful wedding. He knew who she was, but he didn’t remember actually marrying her. That’s why he decided to ask for her hand in marriage [again] and get married in August 2019. Just like the first time around, Anne happily said yes.

Forever Soul Mates

Bill and Anne Duncan have been in love since they met 18 years ago. The elderly Scottish couple has an unconditional love story— demonstrating that in today’s digital age of online dating and instant hookups, it’s still possible to meet your own true love the traditional way. They’ll always love each other, ‘till death parts them, and they will support each other, no matter what trials they face.

The Duncans are currently facing a heartbreaking challenge. Bill was diagnosed with dementia and he has now lost almost all of his memories with Anne. He doesn’t remember how they met, when they started dating, when he proposed to her, and when he watched her walk down the wedding aisle to him and their future together. According to him, Anne is his girlfriend, not his wife, but he knows he loves her dearly. He purportedly wishes he could remember the memories they created together.

Proposing… Again

For the past nine years, Anne has been taking care of Bill while he lost his memory. She watched his condition deteriorate, to the point where he struggles to talk. So, she was surprised when he suddenly asked her to marry him. Of course, Anne was smitten by the kind gesture.

Bill was inspired to propose to Anne after attending a family member’s wedding. The wedding left a lasting mark on Bill’s heart and he wanted to marry Anne for the second time. Anne remarked, “He turned to me not long after [the wedding] and said that he wanted to be with me forever. He asked me when would we be walking up the aisle together [not remembering their first wedding], and I thought he would just forget he’d asked me that, but then the next day he said it again.” Anne happily said yes, and she began planning their second wedding.

Most Romantic Wedding Ever

Anne didn’t exaggerate on her wedding plans. It was going to be a simple wedding with some friends and family members at their home. Attendees helped decorate the couple’s garden and provided a wedding cake. Anne’s daughter, Andrea, convinced her to purchase a new dress for the special day. Finally, on August 17, 2019, Anne walked down the makeshift aisle to her loving husband, and they renewed their vows, but it was the first time in Bill’s memory. To him, he really thought he was getting married for the first time.

“It was the most beautiful day and being with our friends in the garden we share together made it all the more perfect,” Anne shared. Since the wedding, Bill has been head over heels in love and on cloud nine. He has showered his bride with affection. Anne said, “Bill has been so affectionate ever since I accepted his proposal, lavishing me in kisses and cuddles. Our ceremony in the garden was very emotional, and I’m just so happy that he still loves me this much after all these years of battling dementia.”

As a dementia patient, Bill’s memory could weaken even more. But we hope he never forgets this wedding ceremony and that he never, ever forgets the love he shares with his special bride. But just in case that would happen, Anne loves him enough to remember their love for both of them.

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