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How One Video Of A Man And His Dog Will Change The Way You See Humanity

Sabrina la Grotteria was walking around her neighborhood in Italy one morning when she saw a man walking his dog. It wasn’t your typical walk, though. The man was pushing the dog on a wheeled cart, and it was obvious this was something he did on a regular basis. She was so touched, Sabrina decided to take a video.

A Beloved Pet

When Sabrina posted her short video on social media, she had an amazing response. Hundreds of thousands of people were touched by the love they saw between the mystery man and his dog. They wanted to know more about them!

Qui Cosenza

Upon investigation, the local news discovered the man’s name was Tonino Vitale, and his dog’s name was Dylan. They were able to catch up with Tonino and Dylan, who were happy to share their story.

A Compassionate Pet Owner

Dylan was a 13-year-old yellow lab, who lost the use of his back legs due to arthritis. Since then, Tonino has been hoisting him up with leashes and guiding him to the pull cart every day for walks.

Qui Cosenza

Where most people would give up on such a laborious task, Tonino thinks nothing of it. He loves Dylan, and if that’s what Dylan needs, Tonino is happy to take care of him.

Pure Acts Of Daily Love

Every day, Tonino carries Dylan to his cart and pushes him around the neighborhood for fresh air and to do his business. He loves Dylan, and would never give up on him. Tonino doesn’t ask for praise or recognition. He does this daily act for no other reason than for love.

Family Pet

Dylan is his best friend and has shown him great love over the years. Taking care of Dylan in his golden years is the least he can do to show love in return. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve that kind of love and humanity? Totino certainly thinks so!

Watch more of Dylan and Tonino below. It’s in Italian, but you don’t need to understand the language to see the love.

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