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This Man Fixes Old Bikes and Gives them To Poor Kids

Shawn Ortolano, 40, from Staten Island has been fixing bikes for the past years for one sole purpose: to give them to kids who can’t afford to have one.

The generous man, whose backyard is flooded with bikes from donations, fixes refurbished and used bikes so he can give them away for free. He created his charity project called Spoke for Hope which aims to continue gifting kids their own bicycles.

Inside Edition interviewed Ortolano and he said: “I had an extra bike, had a kid that didn’t have a bike, gave it to him. He was so happy. It made me feel great. I had another bike and wouldn’t you know it, another kid without a bike. I’ve been chasing it ever since.”

Ortolano has asked help from his friends, family, and other parents who possess an unused bike to donate it to him. He said: “It could be a bike that a kid grew out of, it could be a bike that somebody pulled out of the garbage.”

“I’ve got a lot of friends who work for the Sanitation Department, they’ll take bikes that are being thrown out and they’ll give them to me. Even if I wasn’t to use the entire bike, I could put the tires on another bike,” he continued.

He has currently given a total of 125 bikes to children who would like to have their own bicycles. One recipient is a young New Yorker who recently got his bike for free. Josh, who just recently learned to balance on a two-wheel bike, said: “I like that it’s comfortable when I sit on it and I like the color because it matches my hair.”

Ortolano’s wife, Nicole said: “I know his heart. He loves to be generous with people and give back to the community in any way, shape, or form. [It’s] a way to give back to the community because he really wants for a child to have a decent childhood.”

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