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Man Loses Over 450 Pounds In Remarkable Transformation And Now Has A New Outlook On Life

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At just 38 years old, Carlos Orosco wasn’t truly living life. He was just attempting to survive. He weighed almost 651 pounds at a stage from overeating, and his weight caused several health problems including a blood infection. Doctors warned Carlos that, if he didn’t take drastic measures, he wouldn’t live to see his 40th birthday. The man realized that he was in charge of his life and had to make serious changes if he wanted things to get better. So Carlos took matters into his own hands and began losing weight. You won’t believe the transformation he went through, not only in his body, but also in his attitude.

An Alarming Problem

Carlos was always a bigger guy, but, after he moved out on his own, he started packing on the pounds with a lot of fast food, soda, and alcohol. Though he was gaining weight at a fast rate, he didn’t see a problem with it because he was still able to get around. In his late 30s, however, he faced severe health issues like extreme gout, ulcers in his legs, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and cellulitis. “The symptoms only got worse from my weight, and I met with a surgeon to discuss a sleeve gastrectomy,” Carlos shared with Today. The gastrectomy would remove about 75% of Carlos’ stomach so that he wouldn’t be able to eat as much. The surgery was scheduled for six months after Carlos’ initial appointment. The surgeon needed to see a commitment from him first, though. Carlos had to drop 100 pounds before the surgery or it would be canceled. So Carlos began working with a dietician to learn what to eat. He also started walking for three miles around his neighborhood each day. At his weight, it wasn’t easy at all. “The first few months were really tough. I was constantly fighting urges and cried myself to sleep many nights,” he said. However, he knew that he had to put in the work to save his life and be around for his family.

Finding Another Solution

After six months on his new wellness plan, Carlos lost 95 pounds, weighing 555 pounds before surgery. He didn’t quite hit his goal, but the surgeon could see that Carlos was serious about changing his life. The procedure went on as scheduled and Carlos was able to lose even more weight. However, his weight loss began to plateau at around 350 pounds, so he knew he had to come up with something else that would get him over that hump. Carlos decided to try walking, combined with a little bit of running each day and eventually decided to try to do a 5K run/walk in fall 2017, which he finished in 90 minutes. After that day, he knew that running was for him. “Running was never something that I ever wanted to or thought that I would ever be interested in,” Carlos admitted to People magazine. “But I immediately fell in love with the pre- and post-race environment, and how supportive everyone was, regardless of size, speed, or experience. Runners, walkers and these athletes, in general, are some awesome people who I have a very special place in my heart for.” Since that first 5K, Carlos has completed 32 races, from 8Ks to a half marathon. He’s training for his first full marathon in October.

A True Transformation

Carlos’ training and running have certainly paid off because he’s dropped 475 pounds since he started his fitness journey. However, some could say it’s the transformation within that is truly the most impressive. He maintains a healthy diet, continues to exercise regularly and is three years sober. His health problems have essentially disappeared and he no longer has to take medications. Carlos is also in a much better place mentally and emotionally and is ready to enjoy what’s ahead. “My body image and self-confidence are at an all-time high,” he shared. “I am much more confident, and most importantly I am genuinely happy, and do not have to fake it anymore. I can finally live a life, and lifestyle, that I feel was intended for me.”

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