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Man Buys A Mystery Box For Just $5 And Uncovers Amazing 100-Year-Old Treasures

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Greg Pack had no idea what he was in for when he purchased a mystery box for £4, or $5, at an antique sale. With the help of his son, Scott, they discovered something they would have never expected, something so incredible you’ll have to see it to believe it.

The Mysterious Box

Greg has always been a fan of old boxes, according to Scott. Upon opening the battered chest, Greg found glass photographic plates in poor shape. He used to work in print, which is what attracted him to the plates. “I used to work with negatives and these looked quite good,” Greg said.

Photo Negatives From Another Time

Upon holding the glass photo plates up, Greg snapped a photo of the negatives with his phone. Then, he transferred the photos to Photoshop where he was able to manipulate the cell phone images and turn the negatives into positives. The results, which were posted on Twitter by Scott and garnered 129,000 likes, were truly astounding.

Forgotten Memories

With the help of modern technology, Greg had uncovered cherished family memories. But just exactly how old were these photos? “Could have been holiday photographs?” questioned Scott on Twitter. “Presumably a reasonably well-off family if so? Would love to find out more about them. Or even just date them.”

Centuries-Old​ Moments

With the help from Twitter users, Greg and Scott were able to determine that the photos in the mystery box were more than 100 years old. By flipping the negatives into positives, Greg was able to share photos of which the originals were certainly forgotten. “For me, it’s the fact that these glass negatives have been in that box for over 100 years,” Greg said in a statement. “The original photos from those negatives probably don’t exist anymore.”

Brought Back To Life

“When I turned the negatives to a positive image and looked at their faces, that was bringing those people and that day in their lives back to life for me. Those seconds of exposure to the camera lens 100 years ago now visible again, and it seems to have captured the imagination of 20 million people,” Greg continued. “So thank you to my son, Scott, & Twitter followers for making this all possible.”

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