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Man Orders Hundreds Of Crickets, Tweets Hilarious Live Updates As They Escape Box

Talk about a crazy experience! One Washington Post reporter, Christopher Ingraham, attempted to feed his new lizard some crickets — and it went horribly wrong. Due maybe to his misjudgment of the packaging, or his mistake of not sealing the crickets shipping container completely, the monologue of his day’s events posted on Twitter has elicited some strange reactions.

Wrong Packaging

The account started with a, ahem, quite unusual line. “So, a shipment of crickets for the lizard arrived via FedEx today,” he wrote, accompanied by a picture of the box. While Ingraham thought the crickets would be packaged in a separate container inside the cardboard shipping box, he found out he was sorely mistaken.

Bored Panda

“I cut the tape and opened the box and SUPRISE! Crickets everywhere,” he followed up, capturing the moment he realized he’d messed up. Thinking nothing of it, he taped the box closed and placed it in a bathroom far from his cats, dogs, children, and wife so he could deal with it later.

Crickets Everywhere

Going back to work, Ingraham was interrupted with shouts from his wife exclaiming, “Where are all these crickets coming from!” Trying to focus again on his work, Chris continued to be distracted from cricket-related comments coming from his wife, until he finally decided to go investigate.


After finding his wife in panic and anger, Chris ran to check on the crickets he had stored away in the bathroom. “I opened the door. There are crickets. Everywhere.” The plan to seal the crickets off and deal with them later had clearly failed.

A Calming Conclusion

While the initial panic of finding hundreds of crickets all over his house and his complex solution to flush the toilet full of crickets (“As if that were going to solve the problem of crickets in all the other places that were not the toilet”) didn’t quite work out, Chris managed to clean up his mess and feed his now-happy lizard, Lilly.

Bored Panda

While Chris’s experience was quite unfortunate for him, it was close to a bestseller for his followers., who loved every second of his insane journey, from first opening the box to scouring his house high and low for crickets. “Best wishes for your marriage,” wrote one user named David. “Should have used a vacuum,” wrote Madboogies. Thank you Madboogies, I’m sure that would have come in handy a lot sooner.

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