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Man Pops The Question With 6 Different Engagement Rings So His Girlfriend Can Choose From Them

When it comes to marriage proposals, making sure that the person you’re asking to marry you actually says “yes” is majorly stressful. Fortunately, this incredible fiance made sure his proposal was perfection for the love of his life…by giving her a lineup of rings to choose from. Who was it that said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

Pressure Of Popping The Question

For many who are soon-to-be engaged, making sure that their marriage proposal goes as smoothly as possible is as important as the wedding itself. The special gesture is often planned down to the tee, with the perfect location and time in mind to pop the question. But just how special is one of the primary components of a knee-dropping proposal: the ring?

Byron Rogers

To Dennis Brown II, it’s pretty darn important. The young model wanted to make sure that his proposal to his girlfriend, Atara Dallas, would sweep her off her feet completely. And Brown truly went over the top to give her the surprise of a lifetime…as well as ensure that she’d love her engagement ring!

Planning The Perfect Proposal

Brown spared no expenses on what was truly a striking, extravagant proposal. For the special occasion, Brown hired a plethora of professional designers, florists, photographers, and event planners to ensure a remarkable surprise for his love. And still, his dedication to a formal, glamorous display wasn’t the most uniquely romantic thing about his proposal.


He also didn’t neglect any details, making sure each element of the dreamy scene showed Dallas how much he cared for her. He included a stunning, cursive note on the backdrop, complete with the words “a woman who single-handedly made me believe that a soulmate, a lover, a prayer warrior, a confidant and a best friend could be wrapped up in one amazingly beautiful soul.” However, the biggest gesture of consideration and devotion boiled down to the ring…or should we say rings.

An Incredible Collection Of Gems

Rather than proposing with just one ring, Brown popped the question with six, sparkly rings. Yep, you read that right: six. His reasoning? He wanted to make sure that Dallas would be happy with her engagement ring, and let her pick from a gorgeous lineup of jewels. In the end, a stunned Dallas chose the teardrop-shaped diamond, grateful for the romantic, thoughtful, lavish gesture from her adoring boyfriend.


The proposal soon went viral, and while some people found the six rings to be extremely romantic, others thought they were a bit excessive. However, Dallas’ opinion mattered most, and she seemed to be overcome with love for Brown’s dedicated display of devotion. He certainly set the bar high for all future proposals!

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