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Man Plans Elaborate Prank To Teach Friend A Lesson Against Drinking And Driving

Everyone cares for their friends. That’s why it can be so frustrating when they continue to put themselves in harm’s way. Their bad habits always seem to have a way of hurting everyone but them. The fear of something terrible happening eventually starts to eat away at you. That’s why Tom Mabe decided it was time for some tough love for his friend Ray.

Dangerous Driving

Tom started to worry about his friend Ray when he noticed Ray was drinking a lot and driving afterward. Since Tom knew the dangers associated with driving while intoxicated, he decided to pull a prank on Ray. This prank was designed to teach him a lesson that would scare him out of ever driving while drunk again.

The prank began Friday night when the two men went out to their usual pub. Everyone was drinking a lot, but Ray was the most intoxicated. At one point, he completely disappeared from the bar.

Good Timing

That’s when Tom found him passed out in his truck and saw the perfect opportunity for his prank. With the help of a few friends, Tom built a fake hospital room and put Ray in it. When he woke up, his reaction was just what Tom was hoping for.

After being told by a fake doctor that he had just woken up from a 10-year coma, Ray was shocked. He didn’t realize that drinking and driving could lead to such harsh consequences.

Hilariously Ever After

After Ray was sufficiently rattled, Tom revealed that he was the doctor all along. He began hitting Ray in a sort-of playful way, just to hammer the point in.

All in all, this fairly harmless prank may have saved a man his life and his friends a lot of heartache. Plus, it was pretty hilarious. One thing is for sureRay won’t be driving drunk again. Then again, not everyone was so convinced. Vice published a report proposing that the whole thing could have been staged. We’ll let you take a look for yourself and decide.

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