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Man Offers His Home As Reward On Missing Dog Posters For Lost Chihuahua, And It’s Just So Pure

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Like millions of other people around the world, Eddie Collins loves his dog. The Tuscon, Arizona native has been the proud owner of Jenny the Chihuahua since she was a puppy. Although they are of two different species, Jenny was one of Eddie’s closest companions. He was understandably devastated when his beloved dog went missing. Eddie was willing to do anything necessary to get his lost dog back. After weeks of posting lost dog posters around town with no result, Eddie announced on the local news that he would give away a home to anyone who could return Jenny.

Jenny Vanishes

A regular trip to his local Circle K gas station took a tragic turn for Eddie Collins. He was traveling with his beloved Chihuahua named Jenny. To date, Eddie struggles to explain what could have happened. In one second, Jenny was with him, and in the next second, she was gone.

Eddie did not see anyone approach Jenny, and he did not see Jenny run away or hear her bark. It is still unclear whether Jenny was abducted or she simply wandered off. The unfortunate fact remains that Jenny is missing. Eddie entered the Circle K parking lot with his best friend, but he left devastated without his two-year-old chihuahua.

Eddie Won’t Give Up

Since the sad day in April of 2019 when Jenny was lost, Eddie has made it his mission in life to find his dog. He makes trips to the local pound and to the Humane Society every day, and he looks at every single new dog at the shelters to make sure that Jenny did not end up in a shelter. Eddie has also posted signs all around Tuscon, Arizona.The signs show pictures of Jenny, and they include the story of how she was lost.

After several days of unsuccessful searching, Eddie decided to try a different method. He updated all of his posters to include the fact that he would give a monetary reward to anyone who could return Jenny. Although she went missing months ago, Jenny still has not been found. Unfortunately, Eddie has not even had one phone call regarding Jenny’s whereabouts. Although being separated from his dog for so long is discouraging, Eddie has not given up.

An Unbelievable Reward

Now, Eddie has updated his lost dog posters again. Instead of a monetary reward, he is offering a one-bedroom trailer and workshop, along with the accompanying land to anyone who can return Jenny to him. Eddie promises that Jenny’s return can happen on a “no questions asked” basis. The person who returns Jenny will receive the title for the land and the home for free. It is unclear whether this is Eddie’s home or an additional property that he owns. The trailer is about forty-five minutes outside of Tuscon in Benson, Arizona.

In addition to his posters all around Tuscon, Eddie’s story made the local news, so he is getting the message to as many people as possible. Clearly, Eddie loves his dog. As he explained in his news segment, life is more valuable than anything else. He is willing to take a humongous financial loss if it means he can get his best friend back. Despite the promise of a huge reward, there are still no leads regarding Jenny to date. Hopefully, someone will step forward with information about Jenny soon. Eddie vows to continue checking the shelters and looking in places that a stray dog might be. There are true stories of people being reunited with lost pets two or even nine years later. We wish Eddie the best in his search for Jenny!

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