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Serbian Man Sacrifices Normal Life To Care For Hundreds Of Dogs At Shelter

After his mother died, Serbian man Dejan Gacic took on a huge responsibility. Gacic’s mother had been running a Vujack Shelter and Sanctuary for dogs all on her own, so he suddenly had hundreds of dogs depending on him. The dog shelter had always been busy, but of late the business has really been booming. Now, Gacic has sacrificed his own comfort to ensure the dogs’ needs are met.

The Facilities

At the shelter, dogs are provided with a safe place and plenty of love, but the facility itself is understaffed and has needs of its own. Gacic is the owner and only volunteer, and there are no employees at the shelter.


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Hundreds of dogs depend on Gacic for the care they couldn’t find anywhere else. Gacic also works tirelessly to handle all adoptions and place the dogs in safe homes. Unfortunately, the large shelter does not have any water or electricity.

Why There’s A Need

In Serbia, dogs can be discarded, abused, or poorly cared for without any legal or social consequences. Gacic has literally found some of his dogs trapped between trashbags in a landfill. Many of the dogs he finds need extensive medical care in addition to needing a safe home.


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Good Morning!Pay #thedodo #vucjakshelter #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogstagram #morning

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The local veterinarian’s office sympathizes with Gacic’s cause, so the office has provided medical care on a credit basis. Now, Gacic has acquired a considerably large debt because of caring for the dogs.

Big Job For One Man

As the shelter began to care for more dogs, Gacic saw the need to move to the shelter. He left his comfortable home to live in a rural area without any modern conveniences. With no heat during the harsh winters, he lives with the dogs. One winter, conditions became so frigid that Gacic got a bad case of pneumonia.

Since adoptions don’t bring in a lot of money, this shelter runs solely on donations. With enough money, Gacic has plans to expand the facilities and get water and electricity to give the dogs a more comfortable home.

Users on Twitter chimed in with encouragement and praise for Dejan and his good work.

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