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Man Searching For Dentures Finds Pet Dog Put Them In The Most Hysterical Place

Most people place their dentures in a glass of water or tuck them into a case before taking a nap. One man decided to leave his dentures out in the open, forgetting that he was sharing the space with a playful pooch. When grandpa awoke and couldn’t find his dentures, his daughter’s four-legged furbaby was waiting to give him a silly surprise.

Meet Maggie

Maggie is a Shi-Tzu Chihuahua mix who looks adorable in sweaters and has a lot of spunk. Twitter user, Eunice, is Maggie’s dog mom. Eunice knows her furry ball of love enjoys playing around and getting into adventures.

Twitter / eUniFiED

A pair of dentures is something that would grab the canine’s attention if it was in reach. When Eunice’ dad decided to catch an afternoon nap, Maggie was making her rounds about the house looking for something fun to do.

Head Scratcher Moment

Dentures can be pretty uncomfortable, and Eunice’s dad was suffering from aching gums. Before laying down for a nap, Eunice’s dad took out his dentures and put them somewhere.

Twitter / eUniFiED

After waking, grandpa got a little concerned when he didn’t find his dentures in the bathroom, so he began a search throughout the house. When Maggie came bounding forward with a curious smile, Eunice’s dad figured out what happened while he was fast asleep.

Some Teeth You Have There

Eunice’s dad couldn’t help but laugh, as Maggie had managed to fit his dentures perfectly in her tiny mouth. He made sure to take plenty of pictures to share with his daughter Eunice, displaying Maggie’s wild new grin.

Twitter / eUniFiED

Instead of gasping in horror, Eunice and others were brought to tears by the hilarity of it all. Grandpa wasn’t too upset, as he was happy to find his lost dentures. He made sure to buy a new set after Maggie’s misadventures with his false teeth.

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