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Man Surprises Wife With Mini Cat Bedroom Set And It’s Just Too Pure

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What would you do if your husband promised to build that bedframe that you’ve been waiting for, but built it for the family cat instead? That’s exactly what happened when prankster Chris Carlson told wife Julia Carlson that he would save them a few bucks and build them a bedframe for their new bed. Instead, he built a mini bedroom set for the cat and the internet cannot stop laughing about it!

Little Kitty, Big World

The Carlson family adopted their adorable cat Ollie in January 2018, and he quickly became a fixture in their household. He’s a hit with the kids and loves curling up with his parents.

So naturally, little Ollie deserved a comfortable place to rest his head in the Carlson family home. Little did his wife Julia know, Ollie would end up living more comfortably than his human owners!

You Gotta Be Kitten Me

Julia and Chris had just purchased a California king-sized bed but hadn’t bought a good bedframe for it yet. Chris vowed to build his own bedframe for their new bed, but shocked wife Julia hours later when she saw he had actually built a bedframe – except it was for their cat.

This mini bedroom set is the purrrfect place for a kitty to Netflix and chill in peace. The funniest part is that fur baby Ollie is living more stylishly than his own parents!

Are You Fur Real?

Looks like Chris pulled off the perfect prank. He says, “My wife had been searching online for cat teepees and things like it, so I knew she’d find it hilarious.”

She did find it hilarious and started laughing hysterically at this ridiculous prank. She posted the wacky photos to Facebook and Reddit, where it went quickly viral. Social media response has been beyond funny.

Alex Mrugalski wisecracked on Facebook, “This is the wholesomest content”

Tory Bell put it simply on Facebook, “Cat living good”

Brittani Jock swooned on Facebook, “OMG I JUST NOTICED THE NIGHT STAND ???”

Check out the viral Facebook post here:

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