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Man Takes To Twitter To Secure Date By Proving His Pasta-Making Skills Are On Point

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Pasta and romance go together like, well, spaghetti and meatballs. But when Andrew Wang wanted to impress his intended with his homemade tortellini recipe, there was a slight problem: Andrew and the object of his attention met on the dating app Tinder, and Tinder does not allow photo sharing in its messaging. So, Andrew decided to get creative. Andrew set up a Twitter account with the handle @tillystoretellini, where he showcased his very respectable pasta-making prowess while @-ing the object of his affection. Happily, not only did Andrew secure the date, he made the whole platform fall in love with him, securing over 100,000 likes, 15,000 retweets, and hundreds of back-up offers. 

Tortellini Army

In six savvy tweets, Andrew managed to prove his skills and provide photo evidence, following only himself and the elusive Tilly. To date, these are the only six tweets on the account, but that hasn’t stopped more than 9,000 fans from following. According to Andrew’s recipe, step one is to “acquire the dough.” Step two, illustrated by an image of a firm but gentle hand holding the raw dough, is to “establish rapport with the dough.” Step three is to “betray the dough” by cutting the mound into malleable parts. Step four, according to Chef Andrew, is crafting a “tortellini army” with a delicious filling. Step five instructs “enjoy the fruits of your labor” accompanied by an absolutely delicious-looking image of homemade tortellini dressed with parm, white wine, and a bud vase nearby. Step six, the coup de grace, is—naturally—“win her heart.”

Evidence of Andrew’s skills drew the notice of foodie site Delish and even Time magazine, but the important question was whether Tilly was impressed. While all of the attention from Andrew’s crowd of wingmen and women prompted @nextleveltilly to set her account to private, Delish’s sleuthing turned up an early tweet confirming, “Thank you all for the twitter likes I think I am seeing pasta man on Friday.” Many @tillystortellini followers expressed their own desire to “be somebody’s tilly.” One user coined the phrase “ah-dough-rable” and another, @alyal_allay proclaimed, “This is so adorable I hope you guys get fat together.”

Romantic Gestures

For as long as humans have been swapping info online, grand romantic gestures have gone viral. Who can forget their first flash-mob proposal video, or the more recent roadside arrest engagements traumatizing would-be brides? The Instagram account CoupleGoals boasts more than four million followers, and a 2016 study by UK bedmaker Silentnight found that three out of four Brits would prefer a romantic gesture on Facebook than a (presumably private) breakfast in bed from their partner. In 2011, Dana Burck logged on to Groupon and found the day’s featured deal was a proposal from her boyfriend Greg Hill. (The site helped young Greg secure an “accept” for his “Grouposal.”) In 2010, Johannes Beales reached out to none other than the Old Spice Guy to help him propose to his girlfriend Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin. Old Spice Guy (actor Isaiah Mustafa) said he would be “honored to honorably honor your honorable request.” According to reports, Johannes got a yes.

While there have been no updates on the Tinder/Twitter romance, Andrew’s Twitter profile proves his interest in cooking is real and deep. (His status as a sociology major also seems appropriately meta, considering his newfound status as the Lloyd Dobler of Twitter.) Whether or not a life of pasta-eating with Tilly is in the cards, his grand gesture will go down in the annals of dating app history

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