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This Manager Was Forced To Fire His Entire Team, So He Made Their Last Day Unforgettable

Getting fired from any job can often be stressful, traumatic, and disorienting. Sometimes, bosses can be indifferent to the emotions of the employees they’re letting go. However, when one manager was forced to let his whole team go, he decided to take a different approach to firing them…and ensured his employees knew how valuable and respected they were.

The Best Job-Quitting Stories

Reddit is often the place to find weird, wonderful, and touching stories. One question that was posted gained tons of attention: “What’s the best job quitting story you can tell?” Dozens of people replied to the thread, offering both hilarious and sad tales of quitting and being fired. However, one manager’s tale of laying off a batch of employees was more intense than anyone could have expected…and restored everyone’s faith in humanity.

Scoring A Dream Job

Reddit user ShortAdamLewis was thrilled when he landed a job as a manager for a staff of government workers. After retiring from the military to care for his family, a stable job was an absolute blessing. In his position, he oversaw a small group carrying out a project for the U.S. government. However, while his team performed efficiently, their jobs were cut jarringly short.

Finding A Perfect Way To Fire

“I had to lay off my entire staff (and myself) with 8 hours notice,” ShortAdamLewis shared. After one of the weekly reviews that his team regularly went through, the government let them know they were terminating their project…effective the following day. While this is enough to infuriate anyone, ShortAdamLewis didn’t get angry or panicked. Instead, he found the perfect way to conclude his time with his team.

Setting Them Up For Success

The next morning, he let everyone know that it would be their last day. Yet, instead of sending everyone home, he wanted to ensure they’d all stay on track for successful future careers. They spent half the day workshopping their resumes with one another, and the other half writing recommendation letters for each other. Still, ShortAdamLewis didn’t want their final day to be all about work.

Making Their Final Day Fun

The incredible manager also purchased pizza for his entire staff to munch on while writing and reviewing. He also had his PM boss take the employees out for drinks that night. Despite getting let go, most of the employees managed to score new positions in the week that followed. Truthfully, it was all thanks to the quick thinking of ShortAdamLewis. “Letting people go is never fun,” he said. “When we can, it never hurts to try and set someone up for success in the future.”

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