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This Chick-fil-A Manager ‘Hurtled Through Drive Thru Window’ To Save Child

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Everyday people will transform into a hero when the need arises. When Chick-fil-A employee, 19-year-old Logan Simmons heard cries for help, he leaped through the drive-thru window without hesitation. A six-year-old boy was tangled in his seatbelt and was losing oxygen fast. Thanks to Logan’s quick thinking, a little boy’s life was spared, and a frantic mother was put at ease. Once Georgia media outlets caught wind of the story, Logan became a local celebrity and received a managerial promotion.

Beyond The Call Of Duty

Employees working for a fast-food chain like Chick-fil-A probably aren’t expecting anything too unusual during their shift. The friendly fast-food chain is renowned for its chicken sandwiches and excellent customer service. Serving hungry customers in the drive-thru requires attention, patience, and representing the fast-food chain at its best. Logan Simmons was working at the Flowery Branch Chick-fil-A in Georgia when something caught his ear. There was a commotion coming from a customer’s car, and it wasn’t because of an order mix-up.

Logan was in the kitchen prepping for the upcoming dinner rush, but he knew something was very wrong. A mother in the driver’s seat was asking for help; her six-year-old boy was struggling to breathe because of a dangerously restricting seatbelt. Logan realized something had to be done quickly. The little boy’s face was turning red, and the seatbelt was getting tighter as he struggled. The situation looked grim, as the choking boy was losing the color in his face, while the horrified mother was in a frenzy.

Squeezing Through

After surveying the situation, Logan knew that if he went out the front door, it would be too late. The only option was to go through the drive-thru window to help the boy in time. As a fast-food worker, Simmons probably never imagined he’d end up one day jumping through the drive-thru window, but it was the fastest way. Once Logan was in front of the panicked mother’s vehicle, he made a request to the mother about freeing her son. Simmons kept a pocketknife on him, and he was going to use it to saw through the seatbelt.

It was a challenge and felt like hours, but Logan managed to hack away at the seatbelt threatening the child’s life. When Logan finally cut through the seatbelt, he asked the boy, “Hey, are you OK?” The boy didn’t respond but was crying. Logan commented, “…I knew he was breathing perfectly fine if he could cry.” Teri, the boy’s grateful mother, had this to say about Logan: “I’m amazed he didn’t panic.” Logan did say he felt like a hero, but overall this comment summed up his feelings. “I’m just so thankful everyone is OK.”

Humble Hometown Hero

Logan Simmons didn’t embrace local celebrity and fame for his heroism; he wanted everyone to be safe, saying, “I’m still a little shocked by what happened but am grateful I was able to help.” Following Logan’s actions at work, locals raised funds for the young man to get a car. Simmons now works as a manager at Chick-fil-A. When Logan isn’t working at Chick-fil-A, he’s working on earning a real estate license, so the car helps.

Working in fast-food doesn’t typically include high-stress incidents where employees have to save a life. Logan Simmons was someone who let his instincts help handle an unexpected situation. The Internet loved this story; on Reddit, 988 people commented, and it received 11.2K upvotes. Reddit user fartimuspyle responded, “Give this man an all-expense paid vacation, Chick-fil-A! Marketing team, where you at?” Another user, toufu6, commented, “Best customer service ever.” Chick-fil-A today is not only known for its delicious chicken sandwiches and politeness but for hiring selfless heroic employees like Logan.

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