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5 Ways Marie Kondo Can Spark A Little More Joy In Your Life

Thanks to a hot new Netflix series, Marie Kondo went from niche author and organizational guru to viral sensation. Households all over the world decided to rid their lives of clutter after a single binge-watching session, and with good reason. Marie’s tips taught folks that they don’t have to live in chaos because there’s a way out of the mess.

Sparking The Joy

“Does it spark joy?” That was Marie Kondo’s war cry long before her Netflix special, but it proved to hold a pivotal role in her show, as well. Viewers were tasked with asking the question of all the items cluttering up their homes. Judging by the results, the phrase was especially helpful with possessions that were hard to throw away, such as nostalgic trinkets and personal items.

Eliminating Visual Info

At first glance, it wouldn’t seem that decanting hand soap and dishwashing liquid into different, prettier containers has any purpose. Marie Kondo’s philosophy for tidying up your life based itself around the idea of getting rid of visual noise, however. Colorful brand names and product logos shouting out from the shelves proved disruptive to peace and tidiness.

Standing Up

One of Marie Kondo’s most helpful tips involved neatly folding clothing, then standing it up as you put it in the drawers. Upon comparison, Marie’s method took up far less space. It also eliminated the need to rifle through piles looking for something in particular because every item was visible, not hidden by another shirt or pair of pants.

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Marie Kondo counseled viewers of her show and readers of her book to stop buying storage containers before beginning the job of de-cluttering and tidying. She advised people to wait and see how many containers they needed, and what kind. Otherwise, they just brought more clutter into the house and satisfied themselves with the idea that they might get organized at some point.

Dumping The Storage

By all accounts, Marie wasn’t a big fan of storage containers at all because they don’t deal with the root problem. Items that bring no joy didn’t need to go into the storage. They needed to go, period. That left people with a clutter of bins holding stuff they neither needed nor used.

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