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Marines Bust A Move In Hilarious ‘Call Me Maybe’ Spoof, And We Have To Salute Them

Despite requiring constant vigilance while beleaguered by the dangers of war, members of the military still understand the value of humor and having fun. When a group of Marines finally got a much-needed break from duties, instead of rushing off to the commissary for provisions, they answered the call to dance. After watching these servicemen cut a rug, you might never look at the pop song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen the same ever again.

Free To Get Footloose

Troops who are out fighting for freedom are often under a lot of pressure, stress, and may even feel lonely at times. Dealing with the day-to-day of being stationed in areas where there is tension and armed conflict, can make it difficult for any person to remember how to relax and have fun.

Andrew Stupfel / YouTube

These dancing Marines took a moment of downtime to shine, display the power of unifying for a good cause, and show the Internet how it’s done.

Carly Incites Candid Commaraderie

There’s nothing like a good pop song to make you jump up, sing, and get your body moving. This group of synchronized Marines realized that they had a golden opportunity to show off their more sensitive and silly side to the world.


No one expected the optimal song choice of highly-trained and skilled soldiers would be the bubblegum and energetic Call Me Maybe. When it comes to boosting the morale of members of the armed services, and bring a smile to millions, these soldiers had the ultimate plan.

Beyond The Uniform

Sometimes it can be challenging for ordinary people to see the human being behind the uniform. Soldiers often have expectations projected onto them by the public, who may not fully understand a soldier’s life and duties.

YouveGotTobe KiddingMe / YouTube

Discarding a facade of constant seriousness, these brave souls allowed themselves to be immersed in the moment and vulnerable. The military has proven that its members are capable of creating a creative, funny, and inimitable video that is indeed viral-worthy.

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